Minnesota Timberwolves Season Review Part 1: What Went Wrong?

The 2010-11 Minnesota Timberwolves season was a struggle. But what went wrong?

In a word, everything, but that would be too easy.

Kevin Love’s 53 game double-double streak overshadowed what was a season full of over blown expectations and vast under achievement.

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Wolves’ Flynn Expected Back In 3 Weeks

CBS Sports is reporting that the Minnesota Timberwolves expect 2nd year point guard Johnny Flynn to return to action in three weeks.

In July it was reported that Flynn needed hip surgery to fix a torn labral in his left hip.

This news comes as the Wolves take the court tonight against the undefeated Atlanta Hawks. Flynn, who struggled at times last season adjusting to guarding top tier point guards, will be expected to come right in and contribute to a team in need of point guard help.

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5 Immediate Lineup Changes for the Timberwolves:

Last week I wrote 5 bold predictions for the 2010-11 Minnesota Timberwolves. After a pitiful 1-4 start, those bold predictions make less sense than trading for a diva wide receiver, then dumping him four weeks later.

Truth be told I honestly didn’t foresee such a bad start out of this team.

The trouble in paradise that ensued between head coach Kurt Rambis and star play Kevin Love following the opening night loss to a Tyreke Evens less Sacramento Kings team. To the 74 point combined back-to-back losses at the hands of the Miami Heat and the Orlando Magic. Bright spots have been few and far between.

The positives are that it’s only five games into the season, so there is plenty of time to right the ship. Or at least move this ship into a calmer part of the storm.

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The Backdoor Cut’s 2010 Minnesota Timberwolves Season Preview

Minnesota Timberwolves season preview

The Minnesota Timberwolves enter the 2010 season with plenty of optimism, unfounded or not.   [Read more…]