Top 10 Most Important Interviews of 2010


During the past year or so, I’ve had the tremendous opportunity of conversing with many of the most interesting and compelling interview subjects in the world of sports. Across the spectrum in the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, college football, college basketball and much much more.

Unless otherwise noted, these interviews are pretty much all exclusive. It was impossible for me to truly rank these 1-10, as you’ll find most fascinating whichever game or personality you are most into.

And besides, narrowing a year’s worth of work down to ten interview subjects was difficult enough. Click on the title in bold to read the whole interview feature.

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By Paul M. Banks

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The Chicago Cubs, Mickey Mouse and plenty of General Managers

Carlos Pena, Adam LaRoche … or will it be Tyler Colvin?

First base is empty for the first time in a long time. Remember when Hee-Seop Choi was the Cubs first-baseman of the future? Yea, it is darn funny to think about that.

And this is just the first of many questions regarding the 2011 installment of the Chicago Cubs.

Will Tom Gorzelanny be traded?

Will Brandon Webb be signed?

Could Paul Konerko become a Chicago Cub?

Will Sean Marshall really remain in the set-up role?

What is Andrew Cashner’s role in 2011?

Will Kerry Wood come back?

Should the Cubs go after Zach Grienke?

Will Jeff Samardzija get a real chance?

As one can see, questions regarding the Cubs are flying around the Internet and some are most likely traveling around a hotel lobby in Lake Buena Vista, Florida as well.

By: Brian McCabe

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Cubs GM Jim Hendry Believes they’re still in it


“It could be a lot worse. Like I said, if you could just reel off a few good weeks, you could find yourself in the middle of July under five games behind and then it’s back to ‘game on’ again,” Chicago Cubs General Manager Jim Hendry told the media before Wednesday night’s 6-2 win over the visiting Oakland Athletics.

“It’s just time to do it. We need a couple good weeks, and need to maintain some consistency,” Hendry later added. The Cubs are 8 games under .500 and 7.5 games out of first place in the NL Central, and most baseball gurus believe they’ll enter selling mode quite soon; if they haven’t already.

By Paul M. Banks

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