The Chicago Cubs, Mickey Mouse and plenty of General Managers


Carlos Pena, Adam LaRoche … or will it be Tyler Colvin?

First base is empty for the first time in a long time. Remember when Hee-Seop Choi was the Cubs first-baseman of the future? Yea, it is darn funny to think about that.

And this is just the first of many questions regarding the 2011 installment of the Chicago Cubs.

Will Tom Gorzelanny be traded?

Will Brandon Webb be signed?

Could Paul Konerko become a Chicago Cub?

Will Sean Marshall really remain in the set-up role?

What is Andrew Cashner’s role in 2011?

Will Kerry Wood come back?

Should the Cubs go after Zach Grienke?

Will Jeff Samardzija get a real chance?

As one can see, questions regarding the Cubs are flying around the Internet and some are most likely traveling around a hotel lobby in Lake Buena Vista, Florida as well.

By: Brian McCabe


Baseball’s Winter Meetings are plugging along through two days.

The big news of the week thus far is Jayson Werth’s new deal. Many GM’s were shocked and disgusted with the terms, but remember, don’t hate the player.

“Jayson Werth, please meet Alfonso Soriano. Mr. Soriano, this is Mr. Werth.”

The Cubs have been burned in the past, but have remained active players during the Hot-Stove season.

However, this year it appears the gas has been disconnected. There is not even a slight simmer.

Sure, rumors abound regarding the next first baseman or free agent pitcher, but nothing has happened. Jim Hendry is not lying on a hospital bed agreeing to a $40-million-deal with Ted Lilly. Alfonso Soriano is not bouncing around in his new blue-pinstripe uniform after raiding the Cubs safe.

Instead, Cubs fans are left to hope …

Hope that Jim Hendry keeps the purse strings very tight.

Hope that someone will take Kosuke Fukudome off the team’s hands and pay just a little of his salary.

Hope that Andrew Cashner gets a real chance.

Hope that Hendry doesn’t trade key parts of an exciting farm system for what could turn out to be a one-year wonder on the mound from Kansas City.

Hope that Brandon Webb and Carlos Pena do not receive back-loaded three-year contracts.

As one can see, Cubs fans need room for a lot of hope this week.

No news from the Winter Meetings is good news for the Cubs and their fans.

The Cubs are better off laying low and doing little to nothing this week. It is time to let some homegrown talent develop. Free agency is not the answer to every problem or weakness.

Hendry has tried to find stopgaps and band-aids and superstars through free agency. Rarely has he succeeded.

Let the kids play. See what happens and live to see another crazy week in December next year. For now, Cubs fans should have one last wish.

Here’s hoping that Jim Hendry spends the rest of the week on Space Mountain with Goofy and Pluto and then to the amazing international displays at Epcot Center.

Hotel lobbies are usually pretty boring anyway.

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