Shutting down Strasburg is. . .STUPID

Stepehen Strasburg

Washington Nationals pitcher Stephen Strasburg has certainly lived up to all the hype surrounding him when he became the #1 pick in the 2010 Major League Baseball draft. Despite his elbow injury during his rookie season, which required Tommy John surgery, Strasburg has bounced back to nearly 100% health and strength. But a lot has been made on the Nationals decision to shut Strasburg down, no matter what, when he reaches 160-165 innings this season. With a legitimate shot to go all the way, is this really smart by the Nationals?

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Jim Riggleman is Nuts: Nationals Managerial Job is a Sweet Gig

Stephen Strasburg

One of the problems that members of the sports world continuously have is an inflated ego. They are surrounded by friends and family who consistently tell them how great they are.

This is obviously the case, otherwise they wouldn’t hold the positions that they do. What these members of the entourage don’t comprehend is that they are surrounded by the top people in the world in their respective fields and that there are varying degrees of excellence.

Jim Riggleman held one of the most coveted positions in sports. He was a major league manager for the Washington Nationals before he abruptly resigned recently after a one to zero victory by his team. Abandoning his club on the verge of their interleague series against the Chicago White Sox is a cowardly and spineless move.

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Most Underrated Player in Baseball? Rockies’ Carlos Gonzalez


When one thinks about the best players in Colorado Rockies history, names like Todd Helton, Larry Walker, and Troy Tulowitzki might come to mind first.

Tulowitzki has won a Gold Glove and a Silver Slugger award, but Carlos Gonzalez is the most explosive player on the club. CarGo’s start so far this season does not do justice to his true potential. Much like Jose Reyes for the New York Mets, Gonzalez is a multi-faceted player who spark-plugs the entire line-up. While it is true that he does not quite have the range of a Dexter Fowler in center field or the arm necessary to play right field in the spacious confines of Coors Field, the sum of his parts is a premium player.

The twenty-five year old Venezuelan is in the prime of what promises to be a very illustrious career.

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The Chicago Cubs, Mickey Mouse and plenty of General Managers

Carlos Pena, Adam LaRoche … or will it be Tyler Colvin?

First base is empty for the first time in a long time. Remember when Hee-Seop Choi was the Cubs first-baseman of the future? Yea, it is darn funny to think about that.

And this is just the first of many questions regarding the 2011 installment of the Chicago Cubs.

Will Tom Gorzelanny be traded?

Will Brandon Webb be signed?

Could Paul Konerko become a Chicago Cub?

Will Sean Marshall really remain in the set-up role?

What is Andrew Cashner’s role in 2011?

Will Kerry Wood come back?

Should the Cubs go after Zach Grienke?

Will Jeff Samardzija get a real chance?

As one can see, questions regarding the Cubs are flying around the Internet and some are most likely traveling around a hotel lobby in Lake Buena Vista, Florida as well.

By: Brian McCabe

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