Ines Sainz, Clinton Portis, NY Jets, Brian Baldinger Regressing us All


It’s the NFL and sideline princess story that just won’t die. To say that it’s actually much ado about nothing is akin to stating that William Shakespeare “wrote a couple plays during his life.” The Ines Sainz/New York Jets/Clinton Portis/Lance Briggs/Brian Baldinger saga keeps going because public figures keep opening their mouths, and saying things so unintelligent that they make Glenn Beck’s insane ramblings look almost coherent by comparison.

This story and the 24 hour news cycle go together like young white trash males and driving without a shirt. You know the basic details of this stir already, so we’ll just dive right into how this situation is a lose-lose-lose-lose scenario.

By Paul M. Banks

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Ohio St.’s Heyward has “Sneaky Hot” NFL Draft Stock


In order to motivate his stud D Lineman Cameron Heyward, Ohio State Head Coach Jim Tressel gave him a list of all the defensive linemen that were leaving for the NFL.

“He broke it down that if you want to be great you have to aim high, just don’t be satisfied with being good enough, and I told coach Tressel, I want to be the best out there. I’m setting my goals high and  expecting more,” Heyward told me at Big Ten Media Day.

Amongst Big Ten star players Heyward is very overlooked. People talk about his teammate, QB  Terrelle Pryor first, last year’s offensive conference player of the year, Wisconsin‘s John Clay second.  On defense, the conversation usually turns to Iowa‘s Adrian Clayborn, and perhaps Michigan State’s Greg Jones.

But Heyward could have been picked somewhere in the #15-#25 range in the NFL Draft had he come out last spring. His stock is rising for 2011; even though people don’t often talk about him. He’s the “sneaky hot” player in the Big Ten. I guess you could call him the Pam Beesly/Jenna Fischer of college football.

By Paul M. Banks

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NFL Mock Draft 2-2

By Paul M. Banks and Peter Christian

The Senior Bowl was this week. And you can thank the mainstream sports media for dropping the ball metaphorically as badly as Tim Tebow did in a literal sense on Saturday, by devoting 99.999999% of Senior Bowl coverage to Tebow, as his draft stock fell worse than General Motors. Luckily, we’re here for you to fill in the coverage gaps with our Senior Bowl Draft Stock Report. Oh, and the Pro Bowl was this week too, if anyone cares…

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Offensive Positional Rankings

Defensive Positional Rankings

NFL Draft Big Board

Click here for the second round of this mock draft.

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