Bears Jay Cutler upset with Mike Tice (video)


Chicago Bears QB Jay Cutler is becoming known as a quarterback who wears his emotions on his sleeves. He’s comfortable expressing himself, and getting a little more colorful this season; or so it seems. During last night’s blow out of the Dallas Cowboys, Cutler had some disgust with offensive coordinator Mike Tice, and walked away when Tice was trying to discuss strategy with him
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Chicago Bears vs. Green Bay Packers: Brutally Honest Preview

If the 185th installment of the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears works out like it usually does, it should be a great game for NFL Network to kick off their 2012 Thursday Night Football extravaganza.

The Bears (1-0) own the all-time edge by six games in the NFL’s oldest and most historic rivalry, but it’s the Packers (0-1) who have won six of the last seven.

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Jay Cutler Directs F-Bomb at Mike Martz? (Video)

jay cutler injury

Although Jay Cutler never has said it publicly, we know he must HATE his offensive coordinator Mike Martz; due to his schemes that consistently leave the quarterback a sitting duck with little pass protection. Martz offenses have commonly led the NFL in sacks allowed, and this Chicago Bears team is no different.

The have an OL that screams “run max protect formations” and “please try more running plays.” However, Martz is stubborn, and does whatever he wants, without regard to personnel. This will get Cutler KILLED.

And in this video Jay seems to be expressing that frustration.

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Jay Cutler’s Aloofness leads to misperceptions about his character


Why did Jay Cutler come off SO POORLY yesterday after his injury? Why is he receiving no sympathy despite his MCL tear?

Start with his stoic personality. Whether things are going well or poorly, he just doesn’t publicly display emotion very much. Some people are like that. Maybe he’s just shy, or maybe he’s a douche who just doesn’t care. We can’t say, but either way, to not display any emotion at all in the game which gets you an invite to the Super Bowl is a bit odd. Especially given the exciting nature of the game and the roller coaster of emotion that accompanies it.

You’d think if YOUR team came back from the dead with the unlikeliest of scenarios, a third-string QB leading them, YOU might be a bit excited when you’re just one play way from tying it and forcing overtime.

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From A Bears Fan’s Perspective…

I had to work today. Until 7:30.

I made a decision early on that I would try to work through my shift and not find out what happened.

Somehow, beyond all odds, I made it through without finding out what happened.

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Ranking the NFC North Quarterbacks

Matthew Stafford is banging on the door, but the conversation about the top quarterback in the NFC North begins and ends with two names: Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre.

There may be some Jay Cutler apologists out there muttering that last season was an aberration and that he is ready to prove himself once again this fall. I beg to differ because his utter refusal to be accountable for his performance does not bode well for future success in Chicago, the country’s second biggest market.

What follows is a list of key factors in the decision-making process for the top spot in the division for the sport’s most important position.

By Patrick Herbert

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Bears-Lions Exchange


Paul M. Banks and H. Jose Bosch preview Bears-Lions on Sunday

(PMB) Wow!!! Your Lions won! What is the world coming to? Of course, Detroit also once produced a very good and well-accomplished Caucasian hip-hop artist, so I know the Motor City can be “where amazing happens.”

After all four teams in the NFC North won for the first time since Week 10 of the 2005 season (I think we can guess which team has held the league back those four years!!), the Bears remain tied for second place in the division with the Green Bay Packers (2-1), one game behind the Minnesota Vikings (3-0) and one game ahead of the suddenly sizzling Lions. With that torrid winning streak the Lions are on, should the rest of the division be wary of the footsteps behind them? Is this a new Golden Age for the NFC North?staffordgrinding

(HJB) Of course the rest of the division should be scared! OK, that’s a bit of an exaggeration but the time will come where the Lions aren’t an easy two wins on the schedule. Is that time now? I wouldn’t go that far yet. This week’s game will go a long way in answering that question. But if the Lions give the Bears a good game or (dare I say) win, the NFC North should watch out. Especially the Bears, who travel to Detroit to end the season.

(PMB) I noticed the Lions are 30th in pass defense, so the area expected to be Detroit’s biggest weakness (and that really says’s like being the shortest midget, or the fattest sumo wrestler) is their secondary. I’ve accepted the fact that the Bears WRs are not as bad as I once thought, but do you think they’re mediocre enough to give the DBs some burn marks, complementing their Honolulu Blue and silver?
(HJB) On most weeks all you need are two legs, two hands and a heartbeat and you’ll beat the Detroit secondary. But I wouldn’t put it past any receiver missing a limb to have a career day against the Lions secondary. I’ve only watched one game this season (and they won!) and Washington clearly didn’t fear the DBs. Just 13 runs the entire game for the Skins.Detroit couldn’t get pressure on the quarterback or cover the receivers. Santana Moss had a big day. The only confidence I have is that the Bears tend to play down to their opponents rather than crushing them. But Cutler may change that. Is he a fantasy free agent?

(PMB) Possibly, you’ll have to go on the open market and check. Good joke about the Detroit secondary. On the flip side, tell me about the youngster Cliff Avril, is he the real deal? And what about this year’s crop of rookies, do you think they’re ready to defend Chicago’s VAUNTED 28th ranked rushing attack?

I don’t think it’s all Forte’s fault. Yes, he’s looked bad, but how do you “run to daylight” when your offensive line never lets you see any? The OL has been pretty bad, as it’s been incessant nighttime for Forte through the first three games.

(HJB) You mean 2008 Sporting News All-rookie team member Cliff Avril? He clearly had a good first season, but he injured his hamstring the first week of the season and has been out since. If he plays this week, he probably won’t be much of a factor. You might be thinking of safety Louis Delmas, who hasn’t done anything to improve the secondary from what I’ve seen. Or defensive tackle Sammie Hill, who has just one solo tackle in two games. Whoever you mean, the defense might not have to worry about the running attack because of the awful secondary.

But the Bears can’t completely ignore the running game. They need to, at the very least, convert on short yardage situations, something Washington struggled with.  That’s killed them, especially when the field got shorter. So the Bears may not have to worry about the run, but they need it juuuuuuuust enough for the win.


(PMB) I figured I’d close on a high note, and bring up a stat which should become even more superlative after Sunday. For the season, Cutler has now thrown for 760 yards on 65 of 101 passing with six touchdowns and five interceptions for an 86.2 passer rating. Cutler’s 253.3 passing yards per game average is currently highest in Bears franchise history. Cutler is on pace to throw for a franchise record 4,053 yards this season. I show you this chart for two reasons

1.) it highlights how sorry Bears QBs have been over the years

2.) Look at who #2 is on this list, your good old friend was indeed the most accomplished Captain of “Air Chicago”


(HJB) That’s a pretty sad state of affairs when your quarterbacks are just as pathetic as the Lions. And in great Chicago tradition you’ve signed a guy that carries himself like anything other than an NFL quarterback. If I want a beer pong partner at a frat house, I want Jay Cutler. Hell, I’d want any Bears quarterback from the last 10 years. If I want a clutch quarterback, someone who can actually win me games late in the season and not just rack up stats, well Cutler wouldn’t be my guy. I hope you guys enjoy having a quarterback sans neck beard but when the games matter most, you’re going to wish you had a winner like Matthew Stafford … who will be a winner next year … probably. As for this week, Cutler will probably look like Joe Montana.

MOST PASSING YARDS PER GAME             Bears History

Player  Season  G    Att   Cmp   Yds    Yds/G

1 . Jay Cutler 2009 3 101    65   760      253.3

2. Erik Kramer 1995 16  522  315   3,838   239.9

3 . Billy Wade 1962   14  412   225       3,172    226.6

4 . Sid Luckman 1947  12   323  176    2,712    226.0

5 . Johnny Lujack 1949 12 312 162    2,658    221.5

Week 2 NFL Picks


Tom Lea

It was only a matter of time until I was blessed with the flu. Heck, I do cover a football team (Wisconsin Badgers) on a daily basis that saw 40+ players get sick last week, so I knew it was coming. As bad as being sick sounds, it has actually shed some light on my week two picks. Call me crazy with some of these, but since I averaged 12 hours of sleep the past few nights, I have had plenty of dreams. And I decided that most of them are trying to tell me something. That they are an omen and I am destined to pick that way.

Oh yeah, just so you guys know, I went 11-5 last week. Not a bad debut. oakland
OAKLAND over Kansas City:

I know, I know, I saw it too. Jamarcus Russell couldn’t complete a pass to save his life. He looked downright awful. I understand that. But the Raider defense looked pretty good against a tough Chargers squad, so I figured if they can carry that over against a bad Kansas City team, they will surely get the win.

TENNESSEE over Houston:

I thought Houston was supposed to be a high-flying offense that scored a ton of points. That still may be the case, but when you don’t score an offensive touchdown with all the talent the Texans have, there has to be cause for concern. Plus, I kind of like how the Titans handled themselves in Pittsburgh. Yeah, I know they lost, but still, it’s never easy to go into Heinz and leave with a win. So, I will give them the nod over Houston.

NEW ENGLAND over New York Jets:

For all intents and purposes, I pray that Kerry Rhodes is right. I pray that he sees something in that film room that suggests he can use such wording as “embarrass” when talking about an upcoming game against the Patriots. No matter how bad the Pats looked against the Bills, the one thing I have learned over the years is…never say anything to rile them up. When you talk trash to the Patriots, you are just as likely to win the game as you are to see Bill Belichik wearing a suit and tie on the sideline.


GREEN BAY over Cincy:

When I saw Brandon Stokely catch the tip and sprint to the end zone, all I could do was laugh. It was the perfect discombobulated play for a franchise in disarray. Watching the Bengals safety proceed to tackle Brandon Marshall after the ball was tipped and Stokely was 15-yards past him, summed everything up. In short, the Bengals are clueless. Chad Ochocinco may score and jump in the Lambeau stands, but that will be the only thing noteworthy from a horrible team on Sunday. I bet the Packers win by 21 or more.


MINNESOTA over Detroit:

Soon Detroit, soon. Just not when you have to stop Adrian Peterson, because there is no chance you will be able to.

NEW ORLEANS over Philadelphia:

So let me get this straight. McNabb hurts his ribs, so you go and sign Jeff Garcia. Then, though he is an established veteran and has helped the same team to success in the past, you are still going with Kevin Kolb. I don’t get it. Thus, the Saints will win. Brees won’t have as big of a game as he did a week ago, but I can see 321 yards and three touchdowns coming from him.

CAROLINA over Atlanta:

This is where things get whacky. I had a dream last night that I was playing catch with Jake Delhomme. Why? I have no idea. I don’t like him and never will, but I was playing catch with him nonetheless. Then suddenly, before I know it, I am on a yacht with Delhomme and former Panther great Stephen Davis. While all three of us are sipping on Zima’s, (Again, I have no idea) Davis was giving pointers to Delhomme as to how to fix his throw. He then turned and said to me and I quote, “If you want to get back to shore, you better pick the Panthers.” Okay, Mr. Davis of my dreams. I did. Now please stay out of my head. You kind of scare me.

ST. LOUIS over Washington:

Stephen Jackson is going to run all over the Redskins kind of like Brandon Jacobs did last week. It will be close, but Jason Campbell will find a way to screw it up.


ARIZONA over Jacksonville:

The Jaguars nearly upended the Colts in Indianapolis. But they didn’t. And now, with a healthier Anquan Boldin, the Cards offense will be clicking on all cylinders.

SAN FRANCISCO over Seattle:

I don’t know why, but I just can never find a way to trust Seattle.

TAMPA BAY over Buffalo:

The Patriots ripped the heart out of the Bills in the final five minutes of Monday’s game. That takes some time to recover from. So, Tampa Bay will be playing the right team at the right time and steal a win in Buffalo.

DENVER over Cleveland:

Would this game be the equivalent of a four-game series in mid August between the Nationals and Pirates? They have to play the game, but it will have absolutely no effect on the NFL landscape as the season progresses. Neither of these teams are going to make the playoffs and neither are going to be close. But, with the karma train riding along Denver, I have to go with the Bronco’s again.

BALTIMORE over San Diego:

I was not impressed with the Chargers in week one. I’m sure many of you weren’t either. Anytime a horrible Raiders team has you beat only to choke it away in the final two minutes, you can’t feel good about the state of the team. I like how physical Baltimore plays and I like them to beat up San Diego by going across the country and notching a big win.


PITTSBURGH over Chicago:

Donald Driver said it during the summer. Jay Cutler is a big name quarterback, but we’ll see how good he is when he has nobody to throw to. Well, we’ve had that chance and his favorite receivers on Sunday night were dressed in Green and Gold. Still, I don’t understand why ESPN is blowing their load about that performance. I have never liked Cutler, and have never thought he was good.

The Bears will be tough and in games only because their defense looks to be pretty solid. Cutler will cost them more games than he will win for them. Even without Polomalu, I like the Pittsburgh defense harassing Cutler all afternoon. I wouldn’t be surprised if he three or more picks again. If he does, I think Chicago may explode.

DALLAS over New York Giants:

There is no way Jerry Jones will let the Cowboys lose the opener to his new palace. If it’s looking that way, expect him to replace Wade Phillips as the coach midway through the third quarter.


I picked the Dolphins last week only to be sorely disappointed. So, I vow to pick them on rare occasions throughout the rest of the season.

Did I mention Chicago has Jay Cutler now?


We all know that press conferences are insanely boring 99% of the time, but Jay Cutler’s coming to Chicago in April was hyped to a level…well, it’s like big JC was coming. And if Jesus were indeed returning, it may not get the hoopla and coverage that the Cutler trade received in Chicago. Yesterday was the first time Cutler greeted the media for a pre-game press conference. Not for a preseason game, but football that’s actually worth watching. Here’s the highlights of what he had to say:

Answering the question about what the biggest rivalry he’s ever been a part of…

“We got it going with the chargers, but this goes back a long time, nothing really compares to this.”

On the Packers defense:

“Very aggressive. There’s a lot of different things to confuse offenses. Charles Woodson coming from all over the place, the Defensive ends are playing really well within their system.”

On what he has to prove this season

“Never been to the playoffs, never been to the Super Bowl, but it all starts Sunday.”

A reporter asked if Cutler had ever been to Green Bay, then a couple media members made the industry standard/stereotypical jokes about how there’s nothing there.

“I’m guessing it’s similar to Kansas City, older stadium, great fans, lots of tradition. It’s going to be fun for me.”

On what he learned from the hostile crowd in the preseason game at his former team, in Denver

“That we’re ready to go, it’s the real season and these are real bullets.”


Who’s the favorite in this division and why?

“That’s your job.”

On Sports Illustrated predicting Bears/Patriots Super Bowl:

“That’s their job.”