#60 Iowa State Cyclones: College Football 77 in 77


The Iowa State Cyclones’ big win over a previously undefeated Oklahoma St. Cowboys team was so huge that it ranked as a top 2 sports moment in the state of Iowa history (according to ESPN the magazine). And it just tells you that not much happens in the state of Iowa- sports wise. Other than the Hawkeyes teams of Chuck Long and Hayden Frey, and the fictional Field of Dreams, not much else comes to mind.

Yes, you sent in the ‘clones to knock Ok St out of the national title picture, but they still finished 6-7 with a less than impressive Pinstripe Bowl loss.

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Minnesota Timberwolves “luck” might be turning around?

Minnesota Timberwolves

I know the last few years have been down-right dreadful for fans of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Our last few draft picks (Wes Johnson and Derrick Williams) haven’t panned-out, so far or yet. But, Ricky Rubio brought a spark this season before his ACL injury. He lit-up Target Center with his maestro passing skills and non-matador-esque defensive ability that most of his teammates (Michael Beasley) have shown the past few years. He might just be the beginning of a Minnesota-turnaround, though.

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2012 NFL Draft – Top Offensive Lineman

Offensive Tackle

1. Matt Kalil, USC (6-6, 306): With great size and strength, Kalil certainly looks like an NFL tackle. There’s nothing about his game that disproves the eye test. Kalil has a [Read more…]

Who is UConn’s Andre Drummond gonna be in the NBA?

Andre Drummond

The hardest thing to do is evaluate, compare, and predict how a player is going to pan-out at the next level. It’s especially difficult when the player extremely under-performed in his one season before turning pro. That’s the case with Connecticut’s Andre Drummond.

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Ohio State Finds New Offensive Coordinator from Iowa State


I guess knocking Oklahoma State and Mike Gundy from the BcS national title game is worth a promotion/raise. Tom Herman, the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach at Iowa State University got a new gig today: offensive coordinator/quarterbacks coach at The Ohio State University.

Iowa State had a very blah/mediocre season, but they’ll be a in bowl, and they gave the Oklahoma State Cowboys their only loss of the season. So that has to count for something.

Ohio State coach Urban Meyer announced the hiring today.

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Gophers, Brewster Talking Contract Extension

By Mike Gallagher

If this were a bar, Gophers AD Joel Maturi would be cutoff.

“The fact of the matter is we’re 6-6, if we win our bowl game, we’ll be 7-6.  That’s one game better than when Brewster took over the program three years ago.”

Wow.  That was Maturi a few days before the Gophers DID NOT win the Insight Bowl vs. Iowa State, thus making the Gophers record the same as it was the last year before the Brewster reign of terror began.

Even if the Gophers had won the bowl game, think of the hilarity of that comment.  How low must expectations be that an improvement of one win over three seasons is acceptable?

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