Wisconsin’s road to the Big Ten Championship runs through Bloomington

When the season began, neither the Wisconsin Badgers nor the Indiana Hoosiers could have told you that they would be playing for a birth in the Big Ten Championship at Memorial Stadium in the beginning of November.

But in a twisted and odd season of Big Ten season, that’s exactly the situation at hand.

With a win, the Badgers (6-3, 3-2) will lock up the spot, but a loss will give the Hoosiers (4-5, 2-3) an inside edge at what has become the Rose Bowl sweepstakes. [Read more…]

#77 Indiana Hoosiers: College Football 77 in 77


Hey Bloomington, your Indiana Hoosiers are looking like the #1 team in college basketball this winter. Remember that in October during college football season, cuz it’s going to be a very long one.

I’m probably way overrating the gridiron Hoosiers, for the sake of my allegiance to the Big Ten conference. They will be to being bad at football what the main character in “Breaking Away” (the only major feature film set/shot on a B1G campus) was to bicycle racing/being an Italophile.


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Top Rated QB Recruit Gunner Kiel Going to…INDIANA??

Believe it or not, the top quarterback recruit in the nation, Gunner Kiel has committed to the Indiana Hoosiers. Yes, the traditional college basketball power has snagged one of the most sought after college football prospects (19th overall, regardless of position according to Rivals) in the nation.

Multiple media sources are reporting this, and we expect a media release from the University later today. On the eve of Big Ten Media Day, we suddenly have something else of major relevance to discuss.

Kiel said one of the biggest factors in his decision was the chance to play with his brother, Dusty, a redshirt sophomore quarterback who will battle Edward Wright-Baker for the Hoosiers starting signal caller job this fall.

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