Exhale Illini Nation: We Should Be Dancing

By Paul Schmidt

No no, seriously everyone.  Come back in from the ledge.  It’s nice inside.  We’ve got refreshments and cookies!  Punch and pie too.

Much like the resilient emperor penguin, you have persevered, Illini Nation.  Finally, the team has rewarded you. [Read more…]

Illinois or Northwestern: Who Choked Worse?

bruce weber illini

By Paul M. Banks

Regarding college basketball in the state of Illinois, it is the worst of times. And it’s again the worst of times. We may get zero teams in the NCAA tournament. And it’s all over from the Wisconsin border to the edge of the state that neighbors Kentucky. SIU was on the national stage for much of the 2000s, today they’re irrelevant. DePaul has been a joke for decades. Chicago St. is quite possibly the worst team in all of Division I. Loyola and UIC bring nothing of significance to the table; ditto for all the remaining direction schools. But two schools, Illinois and Northwestern, spent a lot of time this season within field of 65 tournament bracket projections. Not so much anymore.

bill carmody

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