Does Luke Harangody Have A Future In The NBA?


by: David Kay

I dislike Luke Harangody.  Immensely.  I can’t stand how he bitches about every foul he commits and every call he doesn’t get on offense.  His putrid looking turn-around jumper makes me want stab my eyes out with an ice pick.  The fact that he plays for Notre Dame only adds to my loathing.

I dislike Harangody more than Peter Christian dislikes the Oklahoma City Thunder; more than Mischa Barton dislikes food; more than Jack Bauer dislikes terrorists.  You get the point.

Even with that said, I cannot deny that he is a great college basketball player.  But will his success translate to the next level?  Click here for a complete breakdown of Harangody’s game and how it might carry over to the NBA.