Top candidates to replace Mark Jackson as Golden St. Coach

Mark Jackson

Mark Jackson has been fired as head coach of the Golden State Warriors, the team announced Tuesday afternoon. Warriors General Manager Bob Myers, in a statement released Tuesday, thanked Mark Jackson for turning the franchise around, but did not give any reason for the dismissal (outside of the usual, generic ‘going in a different direction’ story). [Read more…]

Are The Golden State Warriors A Favorite To Win The Title In The West?

Stephen Curry Girls

The Golden State Warriors started the 2013-2014 season rather slow. After going 14-13 until mid-December, the Dubs have won their last eight game and they have set route for even greater things to come. The truth is that prior to the start of the season, the Warriors were considered as one of the most powerful teams in the West. However, their beginning wasn’t as good as all the fans of the team expected. [Read more…]

Teams That Will Emerge For The 2013-2014 NBA Season

Warrior Girls

After all the major changes we saw during the past few months of the off-season in the NBA, the balances in the league have drastically changed. The 2013-2014 campaign will be with no doubt very different from the previous one, as new some teams will emerge to the forefront of the league, while others, which lost power, will not be competitive. Let’s see which teams that were previously not very strong, will emerge as contenders next season.

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The Houston Rockets are fools for signing Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin

I hate to rain on anyone’s parade, but this is what America has become today. After over 200-plus years of work, this is what America has accepted. Rewarding mediocrity is something that ruins sports franchises, businesses and America. [Read more…]

My “beef” with NBA contracts: Part I – Bad Contracts

Money and the NBA

I love to get paid just as much as the next guy. But when it comes to figuring out a budget and where to spend your money, I think some GM’s are lost. The absurdity of big-dollar contracts in the NBA has made me think a lot since last offseason. With another off-season just around the corner, I would like to dive into last year’s contracts that were handed out, what players did and didn’t deserve them, and then I would like to focus on this year’s contracts and who should and shouldn’t get a big deal. This might turn into a three or four-part series. Here is Part I today.  [Read more…]

Getting healthy an off-season must for Golden State Warriors

stephen curry andrew bogut

On paper, the Golden State Warriors don’t appear to be that far off from competing for a spot in the Western Conference Playoffs.  Adding a couple pieces this off-season and getting Stephen Curry, Andrew Bogut, and David Lee 100% healthy will certainly be crucial if Mark Jackson‘s team is going to take that next step.

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Bulls sign C.J. Watson


The Chicago Bulls still have a few roster spots to fill, and on Thursday they made a major move in regards to addressing their need for depth at the guard position. It was announced today that the team acquired the signed-and-traded contract of guard C.J. Watson from the Golden State Warriors in exchange for a future second-round draft choice.  Golden State will be receiving the lesser of Phoenix’s and Utah’s regular 2011 second-round draft choices, both of which are held by the Bulls.

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How to Fix the Mess Known as the Warriors

By: David Kay

’09-’10 Season in Review:

The Warriors were, well for a lack of a better phrase, the typical Warriors.  They scored a bunch of points but allowed even more resulting in another horrid losing season.  Injuries once again took a toll on this team as they used an astonishing 49 different starting line-ups, two more than the year before. Monta Ellis, Kelenna Azubuike, Andris Biedrins, Anthony Randolph, Brandan Wright, and Ronny Turiaf all missed significant time due to injury forcing players like Reggie Williams, Anthony Tolliver, and Chris Hunter into significant roles.  Golden State also dealt away the unhappy yet talented Stephen Jackson who went on to flourish in Charlotte.
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NBA Power Rankings: #21 Golden State Warriors


by: David Kay

2008-09 Season Summary:

The Warriors were an absolute mess this past season finishing 19 games worse than they did a year ago. Injuries played a major role in their disappointing season as Golden State used an unfathomable 47 different starting line-ups. It’s well known that “Nellie Ball” produces a lot of offense with its up-tempo pace, but the Warriors were absolutely abysmal on the defensive end allowing at least 125 points in a game 13 times. Add in that Golden State was the youngest team in the league this past season, and it is easy to see why the Warriors are in the lottery for the 14th time in the past 15 seasons.

Depth Chart:
C: Andris Biedrins/Ronny Turiaf/Mikki Moore
PF: Corey Maggette/Anthony Randolph/Brandon Wright
SF: Stephen Jackson/Kelanna Azibuike/Devean George
SG: Stephen Curry/Anthony Morrow
PG: Monta Ellis/C.J. Watson/Acie Law/Speedy Claxton

Head Coach: Don Nelson (4th year)

2009-2010 Team Salary: $63.1 million
Projected 2010-2011 Team Salary: approximately $54.8 million

Off-Season Grade: Passed
dell_curry_stephen_curry1Kudos to the Warriors for dealing Jamal Crawford for the expiring contracts of Speedy Claxton and Acie Law.  Yes, that is receiving twenty-five cents on the dollar in terms of skill swapping, but Crawford and Monta Ellis were referred to as “oil and water” in the same backcourt by their own coach, so one of them had to go.  Since Ellis is only 23 years old, he was the obvious choice to keep in town.  Plus, this trade will save Golden State a little more than ten million dollars next year.

Drafting Stephen Curry with the seventh overall pick came with a little bit of drama.  Ellis reportedly was going to be unhappy if G-State drafted a point guard, now he will have to deal with having the sharp shooting Curry as his running mate.  Curry makes sense for the Warriors because of his offensive ability in transition especially from deep.  He should fit into Nellie’s up-tempo offense and non-existent defense.

More drama came late in the summer when Stephen Jackson requested to be traded, preferably to the Cavs, Knicks, or one of the teams in Texas.  The Warriors refused, fined him 25 grand, and kept his label as team captain.  “I don’t anticipate any problems” was Nelson’s quote.  You might be alone, Don.

The Warriors made one other trade, dealing Marco Belinelli for Devena George.  I don’t need to waste any more text on that trade since it won’t make any impact.

2009-2010 Outlook:
First off, the depth chart above is a total shot in the dark.  The Warriors used 47 different starting line-ups in 2008-2009.  (Yes, that is absolutely ridiculous for an 82 game season.)  The most a certain combo was in the same starting line-up was five times so who knows what Don Nelson is going to do with his roster this season.

anthony-randolph1Many “experts” are predicting this team to be an absolute mess this season.  Here’s the deal.  There is a lot of talent on this roster.  That’s why they averaged almost 109 points per game last season.  On the contrary, G-State gave up more points than any other team in the league.  That’s what happens you play “Nellie Ball,” you score a lot of points, but play zero D’.

I wouldn’t be shocked if this team won 48 games like they did two years ago.  Then again, I wouldn’t blink an eye if they won 22 games and finished with one of the worst records in the league.  Translation: this should be an entertaining team to keep your eye on this season.

Keep an eye on Anthony Randolph.  He was drafted with his potential in mind and absolutely killed it in summer league.  Everyone is expecting a breakout season from him and he could be a vital player for the Warriors this season.

Looking Ahead to the Summer of 2010:
There won’t be too much to look ahead to as the Warriors will be above the cap.  They do have some younger players that have fairly reasonable contracts and could make a deal or two to better the flexibility next season.  Otherwise, G-State will once again have to rely on the draft and continued development from their young talent.

NBA offseason needs

By Paul M. Banks and David Kay

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