Deadspin Claims Favre left Jenn Sterger sexually creepy photos/messages


On a day that everyone is talking about Brett Favre, his indecision, and his alleged retirement/fake retirement publicity stunt (or whatever you want to call that media mush)…this happens! And by this, I mean allegations that could conceivably take the biggest Favre story of the day, crush it, and grind it up into dust due to it’s enormity. If true, and enough smoke is visible now to make us believe there’s a legitimate fire burning here- this will overshadow everything Favre related.

Deadspin’s A.J. Daulerio claims that The Daily Line’s Jenn Sterger, the infamous Florida St. Cowgirl who rode a screen capture of her large artificial chest into 15 minutes of internet fame, and then generated a media career from those 15 minutes, claims former Packers legend and Minnesota Vikings QB BRETT FAVRE SENT PICTURES OF HIS YOU KNOW WHAT to Sterger’s cell phone; and also left the sideline princess creepy, borderline stalkerish sounding voicemails. This allegedly occurred when both were members of the New York Jets organization.

If Sterger releases the evidence, as Daulerio is aggressively cajoling her to do, let’s see how the NFL spin can this damaging information about their silver-haired fox.

By Paul M. Banks

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