Brett Favre-Jenn Sterger Incident Puts ESPN, Roger Goodell on the Spot


As we found out yesterday, the Jenn Sterger allegations against Brett Favre are indeed true. Deadspin delivered the goods, and the only way Favre could be innocent, is if some elaborate and carefully orchestrated conspiracy/cover-up were at work. You know those people who don’t believe in the moon landing? Or think O.J. was framed? Or believe 9/11 was an inside job? The conspiracy would have to be that complex.

So now that the bomb has been dropped and the mushroom cloud is smoking, time to deal with the fallout.

Let’s overlook the fact that Sterger looks EXACTLY like Deanna Favre on a 15 year delay with fake breasts (and later, sans fake breasts) for a moment. Yes, this story is very sophomoric, but both ESPN and the NFL are accountable here. Because it’s also serious.

Roger Goodell has been attempting to legislate morality in his league for some time, and ESPN has become a sports marketing company; and less a sports news corporation these past few years. It’s time for both to go to work.

By Paul M. Banks


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