Video: Erin Andrews Degree commercial

erin andrews

Fox Sports personality Erin Andrews has multiple endorsements. But have you seen her recent spot for Degree anti-perspirant? You can see the media maven in action here.

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How Erin Andrews Works Out (Photos and Videos)

Fox Sports’ Erin Andrews, looking bangin’ and demoing the CrossFit workout.

Wanna know how EA keeps that rockin’ bod in shape? Pick up an issue of Self magazine. When you’re in the media spotlight as much as she is, you gotta look your best. The video, and more pics after the jump.

Check out these workout programs here, you can totally get the same figure as EA with just some discipline and the right exercise.

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Erin Andrews Acolytes have Started Worshipping Jenn Brown


Apparently, there’s a new heiress to the  supposed “Sideline Princess” throne. Watch tonight with the Thursday night college football game of the week.

ESPN’s Jenn Brown is a former bikini model (which obviously gave her more journalistic credentials than even Medill graduates) and gymnast (again making her clearly more qualified in news reporting than the thousands of experienced j-school grads dying for her job). She also attended the same school (University of Florida) as the reigning Media Princess Erin Andrews.

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Erin Andrews Gives CANDID Interview in August Marie Claire Magazine

Two years after the infamous peephole video, ESPN reporter Erin Andrews still can’t escape it – even though she put her stalker behind bars. As Andrews gears up for college football season, and her increased media presence that always accompanies it, she sat down with Marie Claire to discuss the public and private battles she’s still waging. Below you will find an excerpt from the story, “The Haunting of Erin Andrews,” which appears in the August issue of the magazine as well as the magazine cover image.

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Did Illinois Head Coach Ron Zook Blow The Ohio State Game?

ron zook

Is there any more activity over at

After Saturday’s “moral victory” loss against #2-ranked Ohio State, it definitely should be.

While the Illini were not expected to be close, and weren’t supposed to win the game, they were driving to tie late in the game, and had a chance to completely turn the college football world on its ear.

That’s when Zook gagged on his headset mic. [Read more…]

Illinois Basketball’s Key: Improved Depth


By Paul Schmidt

A very different Illini team is taking the court this season in the Assembly Hall in Champaign, and this fact gives the Illini options a-plenty.

Though defensively the team has seemed to take a step back, offensively they have as diverse and dynamic of an offense as the team has displayed in 20 years — Yes, since the Flyin’ Illini.

One of the more exciting aspects for the Illini is that the offense will push the limits this season, for certain.

“I want to run; that’s our strength, our athleticism,” Illinois head coach Bruce Weber said. “Last year, when I wouldn’t run, that’s all I heard was, ‘Why don’t you run??’ So now, we’re running.”Illinois

Weber was obviously not buckling to the pressure of the media, and was kidding in those post-game comments. It does illustrate the point that everyone knows that this team is deep and has a bunch of moving parts that can come in and out of the game.

Following the 78-64 win over Wofford, the toughest game they’ve had all year, Bruce was candid about the clash in styles between this year and last.

“Tonight we still had 78 points, and last year that would be like a season high, so we’ve obviously made some strides this year,” Weber said about the game.

He had some great things to say about his reserves after their 80-61 win over Northern Illinois.

“I thought Tyler Griffey and Richard Semrau both played well, Griffey really gave us some nice minutes,” Weber said.

“Dominique Keller gave us a nice spark, and Bill Cole, though he did not take a shot, played 14 very solid minutes, good defensively, did the little things and didn’t try to do too much defensively. We have a +/- chart (illustrates whether the team has a positive or negative scoring margin while you are on the court), and it’ll be interesting, because I believe while he was in there we had some pretty good runs.”

Indeed, the play of the reserves will be extremely important as the season progresses. Weber currently runs the rotation 10-deep, and as fatigue and/or injuries take hold during the season the bench players’ minutes will progress.

“That’s the best thing about our team,” Weber said. “We’ve got other people we can put in that can do some things and help us survive some runs when we get in trouble.”

“I honestly believe that we have 7 or 8 guys on this team that could start, and then a couple more that could play big minutes anywhere in the country,” Weber added. “At least I hope we do, because that’s my mindset. I know a lot of these guys would love to start. The key is that we need everyone to buy into their role.”

Demetri McCamey is one of those players that has had to adjust to a different role this season. Once thought to be the next great Illini scorer, McCamey has had to take a back seat in the scoring and become a more-true point guard, distributing the ball and getting everyone else involved.

This hasn’t bothered McCamey in the least and you get the impression that that unselfishness runs all the way down the roster.

“I think we’re gelling pretty fine. It’s like I said last week, you never know who is going to score, whether it’s me, Mike Davis, Brandon (Paul), D. J. (Richardson), Alex (Legion)…we’ve got a lot of guys that can score, so different nights, it’s different people,” McCamey said. “As long as we’re happy, and winning basketball games, we all don’t have to go out there and score.  Everyone will be gelling, and we’ll all be on one page.”

The biggest issue with the depth is inexperience. The Illini are, largely, a young team, and still learning how to run and gun the entire game, yet remain controlled with the basketball.

“It’d be nice if we could win all of our games by 40, but I don’t think that that’s going to happen,” Weber said. “We’re going to have game situations and runs by teams where you’re going to have to learn how to deal with it. You have to learn how to play when you have a lead, and how to run the clock.”

For Weber, however, it’s always about finding the style of basketball to fit the roster, and with the amount of webercontributors this team has, a faster pace is the way to go.

“I don’t mind pushing the basketball and outscoring people,” Weber said. “I always want to push the basketball. But I also want to win, so if we don’t have scorers, we have to play possession basketball. Then you’ve got to guard, you’ve got to play in the halfcourt. I think that’s the one thing that I learned from Coach Keady, working with him for all those years — You’ve got to be flexible. A good coach is flexible, and he changes with his talent.”

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Will Illinois Dismiss Ron Zook?


By Paul M. Banks and Paul Schmidt

Read on as our two resident Illini experts  discuss the tenure of Ron Zook and speculate on his and the University’s next move.

(PBanks) It’s eerie how similar the Illinois tenure of Ron Zook is following the exact same story arc as another Ron, the man who preceded him, Ron Turner. Zook got off to a very rough start in Champaign, going 4-19 his first two seasons. Turner had an almost identically awful beginning, with a record of 3-19 his first two seasons on the job. But of course, the Illinois community was patient, letting the coach build his program with his players, and in the third year of their tenures, both Rons broke through with a bowl appearance.

Both Turner and Zook were able to bring Illinois into a BCS game (both got thoroughly destroyed in those New Year’s Day bowl games) then both failed miserably in the seasons following their BCS bowl appearance. Expectations were sky high following Turner’s postseason appearances in ’99 and ’01, and in both ’00 and ’02, he finished below .500. But here’s where it gets weird.

In the season following the BCS, Turner went 5-7, and in the year after that finished 1-11, with the only win being over the FCS’ Illinois State. Zook went 5-7 last year, after the Rose Bowl, and this year the souls of Illination have been crushed even further as the team has one win halfway through the year. And again it was over ISU in the 2nd game of the season. Does lightning indeed strike twice? Is that passage the most depressing thing you’ve read in quite some time?

(PSchmidt) It depresses me, it does, but stop it man!  You’re really freaking me out!  Seriously, I’ve got goose bumps!! Well…not really…but it’s warm in here.  You know.

I can’t even believe what I’m about to type:  I miss Ron Turner.  I do.  He took us to two bowl games with worse recruiting classes.  There was SOME talent there, but not near the talent we have right now.  And I, quite frankly, would much rather have a team with less talent overachieve every once in a while, than have a team that has all the talent in the world have one good season and then underachieve every other season.

On the flip side, is it possible that this is all just the Curse of Rashard Mendenhall?  He “burned the house down,” so to speak, on his way out the door. He helped convince his brother to transfer. He basically said he’d never come back to the University as long as Zook was the head coach.  Is this all part of that punishment??

(PMB) Turner had one more season, in which he went a similarly awful 3-8, and Illinois cut him with two years left on his contract. But what about the financials here? Are there escape clauses for the program in Zook’s contract? Would the boosters step in to pay the difference? I know Ron Guenther is putting off retirement to deal with this situation, where do we go from here?
(PS) As far as I know, and I’ve done some research on the matter, there is NOT a buyout in Zook’s contract.  Which sounds insane.  But might actually be true.  Typically Illinois won’t buy out coaches’ contracts anyway, so maybe that’s a moot point.

The economy is certainly going to play a part here, as the state has absolutely no money to pay the balance of Zook’s contract. We broke as a joke, so to speak.  I have a solution for everyone involved, but I think that I’m going to make you all wait until later in the story here…

(PMB) Did you hear that? That’s the sound of Arrelious Benn’s NFL Draft stock falling, much like Vontae Davis’ stock dropped last year. Is it the coaching staff’s fault? It’s interesting that the most valuable player BY FAR during the Zooker’s tenure was Rashard Mendenhall, a Turner recruit. He certainly could recruit running backs really well, he just couldn’t recruit any other position. Zook has certainly lived up to his reputation in Champaign “great recruiter, bad coach.” At Florida, he recruited 20/22 starters that won a national title…coached by someone else of course. benn2Clearly, X and O are two letters not in his alphabet.
(PS) Very true.  While I agree that Benn’s draft stock may be dropping, Vontae Davis’ stock dropping wasn’t entirely the coaching staff’s fault.  Davis sleepwalked through the 2008 season; then, there were character questions with the fictional marijuana incident and teams’ inability to separate Vontae from his brother Vernon. While he did plummet (I had seen projections indicating he could be the top pick in the draft), it wasn’t entirely Zook’s fault.

As for Regis Benn, I think that the same theory that applies to Oklahoma State’s Dez Bryant applies to Benn — Mel Kiper said, shortly after the Bryant incident that we’ve seen his body of work, and that even if he doesn’t play another college football down, his draft stock won’t fall. 

The same is true for Benn.  This season, the teams’ struggles are not his fault. The fact the quarterbacks’ can’t get him the ball is not his fault, either. Everyone knows what kind of player he is, what kind of physical specimen he is. None of that has changed with this season, and I would still be shocked if he wasn’t picked in the top 15 of the draft.

(PMB) What was your least favorite coaching decision of the Zook era? Mine was 2006, versus Indiana, and the day before Basketball Judas Eric Gordon de-committed and signed with the Hoosiers. The Illini decided to go for 2 after a touchdown early in the game with the score tied, for some illogical reason. They didn’t get it and lost the game by one. Here’s the kicker. After the game, Zook said in the press conference after the game that “it didn’t matter that much”. There are no words for that.
(PS) I’m going with this season against Penn State, when Zook was talking about the hurry-up offense. The only time we effectively moved the ball against the Nittany Lions was when we were in the hurry-up, no-huddle offense. We had to keep doing it. But Zook basically dismissed that, saying, “Hey, I told the coaches that we need to get back to what we’re doing, and take our time, run the football some.”  Really Ron?  Somehow, shockingly…Penn State blew us out of the water in the second half.  Funny how that happened.

(PMB) Any ideas on possible replacements? Bring back Mike Locksley? J/K ha ha! Certainly Mike Schultz will never work in this town again.

(PS) OK…here’s my solution to the Ron Zook contract problem.  I don’t think that Zook can possibly get another head coaching job anywhere in the NCAA.  It just doesn’t make sense, and no AD that has seen what he’s done at Illinois would ever hire him to head a program ever again.  But…why wouldn’t a program sign him on to be the Offensive Coordinator, and put him in charge of the entire recruiting program??

Well…why not do that at Illinois? Zook would have to swallow an immense amount of pride to take the demotion, but it would give him the best of both possible worlds, keeping him in charge of the things he’s good at — offense and recruiting — without keeping the pressure of motivating the whole program on him.

Plus, it ends the speculation of what to do about Zook’s contract…we’re pretty much stuck with it, on the hook for it either way, so why not USE him?  And use him in the manner that suits him best?  I think that it really is the only possible answer for everyone, but especially Guenther and Zook, if only they can swallow their pride and accept that.

Take It To The Bank, Week 6 NFL!


By Paul Schmidt

The first five weeks of the NFL season…I won’t say they have been a gambler’s paradise, but I will say that Vegas has been taking a bath. The biggest reason is how bad some of these NFL teams are.

To wit: Jacksonville is one of the worst teams in the NFL this season. Last week, they got blown out on the road, 44-0.  This week, they come home, and they are favored by 9.5 points at home against the Rams. 

This is a Jaguars team that might win only 5 games this year, and they could be picking around 8th, 9th or 10th.  That many teams are worse than them, and might win less than 5 games.

That’s just the kind of season it is in the NFL this season: Just a ton of terrible, terrible teams means that there will be a ton of teams winning a lot of games.  Sort of a haves-and-have-nots situation.

That’s led to a situation where the Vegas just can’t make the lines high enough to keep people from betting on the favorites. That’s how you have a situation where awful Jacksonville is laying 9.5 points at home against the putrid Rams…

My point?  Let’s be careful out there this week.

St. Louis (+9.5) at Jacksonville
And yes, given all of that…the Rams still are really, really bad. Really bad.  Pick: Jacksonville -9.5

Baltimore (+3) at Minnesota
Thoroughly enjoying the Brett Favre experience (vomit). Being able to gamble on him and win is great (gag).  I can’t wait to do it again this week (barf). I hope Ray Lewis hits him so hard his legs fall off and he can’t play football again. Pick: Minnesota -3

Philadelphia (-14.5) at Oakland
One of these times these big underdogs is gonna finally get enough points that they can cover…I just don’t think it’s Oakland this week. Pick: Philadelphia -14.5

Buffalo (+9.5) at New York Jets
Buffalo is just as bad…except no one seems to know. I’m not sure why no one knows this, but they don’t.  Trent Edwards is horrible, T. O. doesn’t give a crap (BEARS, PLEASE DON’T TRADE FOR HIM) and the offensive line isn’t very good, so they can’t open up holes for two pretty talented running backs.

The Jets, meanwhile, are pretty good.  Not convinced about Sanchez’s diety yet, but I really do like their defense.  They’re going to make it too hard for the Bills to score any points and keep this one close. Pick New York Jets -9.5

Last week: 2-2
Season Record: 13-7

Take It To the Bank! Week 7 CFB

By Paul Schmidt

Ahhh…4-0.  That sounds really nice.  I finally showed what I can do last week with a 4-0 week, and some easy-money lines in C-USA and the WAC.  Given my reliance on Central Michigan this season it was really nice to get a boost from some of the other smaller conferences…

This week’s lines are a smattering of weird…a little bit because of some rivalry games, like Texas-Oklahoma, and a little bit because teams like Michigan chose this week to take on an FCS school (Delaware State in the middle of the season??).  The latter might be because of the Big Ten season starting earlier, I know, but find an FBS opponent, guys, seriously. Failing that…I guess the Blessed Sisters of the Poor might be available…

As always, this week’s four games are below, with the lines being the ones featured at the Harrah’s Casinos in beautiful, sunny Las Vegas.  Which I miss.  Sniff.

Oklahoma (+3) at Texas (neutral site game)
So this game gets played in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas…which is in Texas…which leads me to wonder just how this could be viewed as a neutral site game.  I guess it is somewhere near equidistant from both campuses…but it is in Texas.  That’s like when Illinois plays in Chicago at the United Center and has the audacity to call it a neutral site game…it isn’t.  They’ve only lost twice there.  That sounds like hoomecourt advantage to me…

Either way, Texas is better than their ranking at this point.  The defense has been really impressive this season, even if Colt McCoy has looked a little…off.  He’s not playing BADLY…but he isn’t looking all that good either.  It’s pretty insulting, if you’re a Longhorn, that this line is on,y three points, because it isn’t like Sam Bradford looked great last week against Baylor…so what does all that mean??

It means Texas should be favored by way more than this…and they prove it on Saturday. Pick: Texas -3

Northwestern (+14.5) at Michigan State
Wait….what??  This is the same Michigan State team that dominated Illinois last week, sure…but EVERYONE has dominated Illinois.  That’s not unusual! 

What is known is that EVERYONE at skill positions for the  Spartans is at least dinged up. They’ll have at least two RB’s not playing with a third that will play injured…their backup QB hurt his throwing arm last week…and yet they are laying more than two TD’s??? 

The cavaet here, I suppose, is that Northwestern looked awful against Miami (OH) last week, but I really don’t think that will be an issue here.  Even if Willy and the Wildcats don’t win, they will keep it close. Pick: Northwestern +14.5

Miami (-14) at Central Florida
I’m a believer in Jacory Harris, and you should be too!  I also believe in Randy Shannon’s ability to coach, and get teams ready for games where they might get caught looking ahead.  This is a perfect example of a game like that for the ‘Canes.  Central Florida really isn’t any good, but they could keep it close if Miami plays with disinterest.

However, the ‘Canes haven’t done that yet this year. Though the win against Florida State looks less impressive, the Oklahoma win remains really legit.  The Georgia Tech win is looking better and better, and getting blown out in Blacksburg by Va. Tech isn’t the worst thing that could happen to you. More and more, they are looking like a team that could steal a BCS Title Game berth. 

Either way, I think this is a Miami team that remains focused on their goal of getting a BCS game themselves…that quest continues with a blowout on the road this week. Pick: Miami -14

Kansas -9 at Colorado
If the Northwestern line was the most perplexing of the week, this one, weirdly enough, made the most sense.  I knew that people would give Colorado too much love this week after playing Texas close. It’s like clockwork, this happens EVERY week — one bad team shows up for a week and then the next week gets a ton of action.

And make no mistake, Colorado is a really, really bad team.  They just might be the class of the crap in the Big 12. Now, Kansas may not be world beaters, but they are playing good solid football, and the offense is led by a QB in Todd Reesing that, though he doesn’t wow you with his arm, just doesn’t make mistakes.  That in itself should be enough to blow the Buffs out of the water, even on the road.  My, how the coaching stock of Dan Hawkins has fallen…Pick: Kansas -9

Last Week: 4-0
Season Record: 13-10-1

Online Obsession with Erin Andrews gone way too far

Erin Andrews Video Stalker (and Blazers Fan) Released on Bond


By Paul M. Banks

The demented weirdo accused of secretly videotaping ESPN sideline princess Erin Andrews through a peephole leading to her hotel room was released from court yesterday. Michael D. Barrett (not the former Cubs catcher, may I remind everyone) is an insurance executive accused of uploading videos of Andrews, and other unsuspecting nude women to the Internet. According to the Federales, Barrett makes his videos by modifying peepholes in hotel room doors, using a hacksaw and a cell phone camera, and then tries to sell them to celebrity gossip site TMZ.

Barrett, the pride of Westmont, Illinois, was released on $4,500 bond and ordered to wear an ankle monitoring bracelet, follow a strict curfew (this should put a damper on his obviously bustling social life) and stay off the Internet. He’s next due in court on the 23rd. After being released late afternoon yesterday, this ladykiller avoided commenting publicly and left in his yellow Mustang. Andrews’ attorney Marshall Grossman, has not publicly commented yet.

More on this from the Huffington Post. Excerpts of this article are in italics, my commentary in bold

Barrett continues to be a danger to Andrews and “a danger to other women,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Steven Grimes told U.S. Magistrate Judge Arlander Keys during Barrett’s bond hearing Monday.

Magistrate? People still use that word? it makes me think of Braveheart, and inspires me to start talking in ye olde English

“Yes, Judge, there are other women,” Grimes said. “He has used his computer to disseminate these videos to the world.”
Grimes said the government has confiscated two computers and cell phones used by Barrett, and “feels strongly that those items will provide further evidence.”

Of course, those other women, who are just as victimized as EA, don’t get to go on Oprah
Like the Andrews videos, the videos of the other women were shot through a door peephole and uploaded to the Internet under a name Barrett used, “GOBLAZERS1,” Grimes said.

Barrett’s parents are from Portland. Trailblazer nation, be proud. You have a sick person with a distorted view of the world within your community, but enough about Zach Randolph…

…Of course, you were able to trade him out of town, so maybe you can get Barrett off your bandwagon too.


Andrews appears in at least eight videos nude. An FBI affidavit said Barrett specifically asked for a room next to Andrews at a Tennessee hotel where seven videos were likely taken. An eighth video may have been shot at a Milwaukee hotel. Barrett was described by his attorney, Rick Beuke, as having plenty of money and a good track record at work. Beuke said his employer, the Combined Insurance Co., based in Glenview, where he is in insurance sales, is “very supportive.”

Well, if he’s such a great North Shore guy, why is spending his time on this stuff? If he has so much money and stability, why can’t he find a woman to willingly take her clothes off for him?

But Combined Insurance spokeswoman Amy Burrell-Tichy said later Monday that Barrett has been suspended from his job and “there is no timeframe with this suspension.” She declined say whether he would be paid while suspended. She said the company is cooperating with the FBI and conducting an internal investigation because the affidavit alleges Barrett may have used Combined Insurance computers in the alleged crimes.

So remember that the next time your computer at work kicks you off Facebook.