Cleveland Cavaliers Don’t Need to Choose Between Kyrie Irving & Derrick Williams

Since the NBA Draft lottery was held last month, the Cleveland Cavaliers have been on the clock. The Cavs have also supposedly been deciding which of the consensus top two picks to take with the first overall pick.

“Kyrie Irving or Derrick Williams?” has been the question within the Cavaliers organization, the city of Cleveland, the NBA Nerds heads, etc. for the past 4 weeks or so. If the Cavs were smart, they wouldn’t have to choose.

Instead, they could have them both.

By Peter Christian

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Minnesota Timberwolves’ Options at Number Two: They Keep It

While the Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks lit up the scoreboard Thursday night in game five of the NBA Finals. This Timberwolves fan couldn’t help but analyze the Wolves options with the number two pick in the upcoming June 23rd draft.

President and general manager David Kahn will have plenty of options with the aforementioned pick come draft night. Kahn having options may be a worse idea than Representative Anthony Weiner having facebook sex chats with a Las Vegas 40-year old blackjack dealer. (Ok, it may have been forced, but I was due for a Weiner joke.)

With a variety of options present for Kahn and company, I decided to break down their options in two parts. So here is part one of the Wolves options with the number two overall pick: They hold onto it.

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