Not Many Midwest Cities on Drunkest List, STL 6th, Madison 15th

st. louis- nellyville

You know how I’m always complaining that St. Louis is the most boring, awful place on the planet? And my two best Cardinal fan friends agree, by telling me how dull it is? Well apparently it is also a drunken, dystopian wasteland- according to the Men’s Health magazine drunkest cities list.

“Nellyville” came in sixth in the United States, and Madison, Wisconsin, home of the state University and the Badgers checked in at #15. The Midwest is surprisingly under-represented, as Toledo comes in at #22, and that’s it for the top 25.

Fresno (Go Bulldogs! Aren’t you proud?) is #1, and the list seems to be dominated by third-tier and geographically remote cities in California, Texas and Florida. The Deep South is well-represented too- no shock there as this pretty much teach courses in alcoholism at Universities in Dixieland.

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