As Stagg Bowl Approaches, an Amos Alonzo Stagg Biography

aa stagg

“Stagg was an innovator.  He invented the huddle, the direct pass from center, the lateral, the man-in-motion, the backfield shift, and cross-blocking.  Wanting his players to develop stamina along with strength, he introduced wind sprints.  He was also the first to put numbers on uniforms.  “All football comes from Stagg,”  Notre Dame’s Knute Rockne declared.

But at the university, football wasn’t Stagg’s only responsibility.  He ran the entire athletic program.  At different times he coached baseball, basketball, track, and swimming.  Oh–and while he was at it, he also invented the batting cage.”

A solid and concise synopsis from Chicago Now’s John R. Schmidt.

The legendary University of Chicago college football coach, who lived to the age of 103 was profiled by Schmidt (an author, professional historian, and Phd. from the University of Chicago)  CN blog.

It was of great interest to me, a former football player at Amos Alonzo Stagg high school in suburban Palos Hills, IL.

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