ESPN finds Jay Cutler at fault for Robert Griffin III injury


ESPN continues to dumb down it’s audience and make people less informed about sports.  Today the network actually posed this question for its panel: “How much do you blame Jay Cutler for RG III’s injury?” Yes, this is not parody but a serious attempt at “journalism” by the WWL. What a way to “cover” the Robert Griffin III surgery that took place today.

screen grab courtesy of Twitter @WaneDog

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Jay Cutler concussion leads to Chicago losing their collective #$%&

jay cutler

Thank god the last 12 people tweeted about Jay Cutler’s concussion. Because I didn’t get the memo from the first 20 tweets discussing the matter. Yes, Cutler is gone for the evening. He left the Sunday Night game versus the Houston Texans in the 3rd quarter and isn’t coming back. Jason Campbell is in.

Which means this is all we’re going to hear about for the next few days or so.

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Jay Cutler’s Aloofness leads to misperceptions about his character


Why did Jay Cutler come off SO POORLY yesterday after his injury? Why is he receiving no sympathy despite his MCL tear?

Start with his stoic personality. Whether things are going well or poorly, he just doesn’t publicly display emotion very much. Some people are like that. Maybe he’s just shy, or maybe he’s a douche who just doesn’t care. We can’t say, but either way, to not display any emotion at all in the game which gets you an invite to the Super Bowl is a bit odd. Especially given the exciting nature of the game and the roller coaster of emotion that accompanies it.

You’d think if YOUR team came back from the dead with the unlikeliest of scenarios, a third-string QB leading them, YOU might be a bit excited when you’re just one play way from tying it and forcing overtime.

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