Breakdown of Potential Ohio State Head Football Coaching Candidates

Ohio state-Minnesota

The NCAA is set to determine the fate of the Ohio State football program on August 12 and while no one knows exactly how hard the Committee on Infractions will come down on the Buckeyes, it is safe to say a number of sanctions are well within the realm of possibility.  Couple the upcoming hearing with the fact that Ohio State will be headed into the 2011-2012 season without their head coach of the past decade, their former starting quarterback headed to the NFL (CFL UFL?), and their No. 1 wide receiver, running back and starting offensive tackle gone for the first five games of the season and you have what we in the biz like to call uncertainty.

By: Jeff Beck

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A Plan for Complete Columbus Blue Jackets Overhaul


In my previous article, I expressed my skepticism over whether a much-needed overhaul of the Columbus Blue Jackets would take place:

However, if Blue Jackets On-Ice personnel–Scott Howson and his staff–were truly ardent and sincere in acknowledging this dire need to change the landscape and foundation of this organization seemingly and perennially stuck in limbo , I wouldn’t have this skepticism:

They need to make sweeping changes to the organization.

As has been said, “If you want big rewards, you have to take big risks”.

The current landscape of the organization still does not possess the following:

By Ed Cmar

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Columbus Blue Jackets’ Improbable Push for the Playoffs


Just when it appeared that the Columbus Blue Jackets were playing themselves out of any playoff possibilities and into another NHL lottery countdown, the Blue Jackets reeled off an impressive 11-3-3 streak.  However, just as soon as the Blue Jackets were back in the playoff hunt, they continued their schizophrenic ways with a disastrous 0-3-3 meltdown and now find themselves needing an improbable finish to make the eighth and final Western Conference playoff spot.

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Columbus Blue Jackets 2nd QTR Report Card

Earlier in the season, I provided a first quarter assessment of the Columbus Blue Jackets. That was a quite easy task as the Blue Jackets stormed out of the gate to a franchise best 14-6-0 record.

But ever since the Jackets’ historic start, they have gone 6-11-3 through the next 20 games and have fallen to 13th in the Western Conference

I tried to be optimistic that a repeat of last season’s debacle under former head coach Ken Hitchock wouldn’t happen again, but I’m sad to report that while not a free-fall to that level, the Blue Jackets have once again struggled into the halfway point of their regular season under current head coach Scott Arniel.

In a manner similar to last quarter’s assessment, I offer my insights both for the season, to date, as well as how the Blue Jackets have fared during their most recent 20 games of the season (Games 21-40). And while their overall mark is better than at this time last season, the ghosts of late-November’s, December’s and early January’s have resurfaced once again.

By Ed Cmar

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Columbus Blue Jackets Unfortunately Reverting Back to Familiar Form

Grading Blue Jackets Coach Scott Arniel


During the offseason, Columbus Blue Jackets general manager Scott Howson, after being informed that his leading head coaching candidate, Guy Boucher, turned down his offer to coach the Blue Jackets (Boucher took the Tampa Bay Lightning head coaching position, instead) offered the position to Scott Arniel, previously an assistant to Lindy Ruff with the Buffalo Sabres and the head coach of the Manitoba Moose of the American Hockey League (AHL).

Many in Columbus viewed the offer rejection as a snub and a slap in the face to the state of the organization and perception of Columbus in the National Hockey League (NHL).

Further, it was believed that Arniel might have been a case of settling for second best.

Well, although at only 19 games into the season and while Boucher is doing a fine job in coaching the Lightning, it’s looking more and more like the Arniel selection was the right choice, after all.

By Ed Cmar

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Columbus Blue Jackets 1st Qtr. Report Card

columbus blue jackets

At this time last season, the Blue Jackets were beginning to show chinks in their competitive armor, even while bolting out to a 12-6-2 record.

What followed after that was a free fall of epic proportions: A dizzying 3-14-7 debacle, one which lead to the firing of their head coach, Ken Hitchcock, and the team finishing 14th out of 15 teams in the NHL’s Western Conference.

And although it’s very early to determine their fate for the rest of the season, it’s pretty safe to say that, barring a major injury or two, the 2010-2011 Blue Jackets are a much improved team.

With that, I’d like to offer my view of how things have gone so far for the Columbus Blue Jackets.

By Ed Cmar

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