Illini Forward/Blogger Tyler Griffey: Books, Blogs, and Tweets


Could Illini power forward Tyler Griffey be the new Mark Titus? You know Titus, the former walk-on for the Ohio State Buckeyes who blogged about his basketball-related experiences at his site ‘Club Trillion’.

Learn more about him here Today, Titus writes for ESPN’s new site,

Unlike Titus, Griffey is a starter, and key contributor for his team. And he has different career goals. But they do share Big Ten Blogsmanship.

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Coaches Rock Upon the Mic Right at Big 10 Media Day

bruce weber erin andrews

Many college basketball experts believe the Big Ten will be the best conference in the nation this year. And on paper, it certainly looks that way, as they have a first team all conference squad of players who have ruled the Big Ten since they were sophomores. Now they have reached their prime.

And when it comes to coaches, the Big Ten has a fine a pedigree as any. Minnesota’s Tubby Smith was at Big Ten Media Day yesterday, and we discussed the current media landscape, where credibility and lack of credibility lies within it, social media, the meta of social media, the human nature of communication, the meaning behind medium of communication.

Just like I did with Michigan State’s Tom Izzo. But those are separate posts for another occasion. For now, let’s highlight what was said at the podium by the other coaches. And we’ll actually talk basketball here. Really, I promise.

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Club Trillion Opines on Evan Turner “the Villain”

club trillion

By Paul M. Banks

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MILWAUKEE- Club Trillion blogger, and Ohio State walk-on Mark Titus has been referring to national player of the year Evan Turner almost exclusively as “The Villain” in his blog lately. And for good reason, Turner’s play is making him a polarizing figure to college basketball fans everywhere. Last night, I stayed in the same hotel as the University of California-Santa Barbara. Hotel bar conversation conveyed just angry many partisans of the teams vanquished by Turner and the Ohio State Buckeyes this year have become.

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Get Initiated into Ohio St.’s Club Trillion

mark titus

Paul M. Banks has an exclusive with Ohio State’s Mark Titus, founder and author of the enormously popular “Club Trillion: Life views from the end of the bench” blog.

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