Cleveland Browns: Open letter to Pres. Mike Holmgren


Bill Smith, host of News, Notes and Rumors on Moohead radio composes the following letter.

Dear Mr. Holmgren:

We are the long suffering diehard fans of the Browns.  Despite filling the old Browns stadium every home game, we lost our team.  Since we got the new Browns back in 1999, we have suffered through losing season after losing season.  We have seen coaches, GMs, and top 10 draft picks come and go each promising to turn the team around only to be fired for being worse than the previous one.

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The Cleveland Browns, the NFL Draft and the Future


By Benjamin Knisley

The Browns –

There was nothing fancy about the Browns’ 2010 NFL draft, in fact it was a little anticlimactic considering they may have reached on each of their first three picks.  With Eric Berry gone the Browns chose the next best defensive back, Joe Haden.

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