The Worst National Anthem (Mash-Up Video)

Most times, our Star Spangled Banner is given the rousingly beautiful rendition it deserves…but it’s also a really hard song to sing. And every now & then, a celebrity will belt out a version that doesn’t exactly do justice to our national pride.

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Christina Aguilera Screws Up Super Bowl 45 National Anthem (Video)


Right before the Green Bay Packers won NFL gold, they heard Christina Aguilera, a bad stripper-resembling-celebrity with a golden voice butcher her chance to honor America.

The very attractive and often very slaggishly dressed Christina Aguilera messed up signing the national anthem at Super Bowl 45. The recently divorced, 30-year-old mother of one took the prime time stage at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX.

That’s right, she ever so slightly went Lt. Frank Drebin as Enrico Palazzo on us.

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