Pronger Fires Back at Blackhawks’ Burish

Blackhawks winger Adam Burish is what we call in the biz, “a golden quote.”  He never holds back what he is thinking and is never afraid to stir the pot like he did after Chicago won the Stanley Cup.  The former Wisconsin Badger pretty much said what most Hawks fans were thinking about Flyers defenseman Chris Pronger calling him “the biggest idiot in the league” and saying he wanted “to punch him.”  Well, the future Hall of Famer has responded.

By: David Kay

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Flyers’ Biggest Stars Aren’t producing in the Finals

flyers pronger

Much has been made of the Chicago Blackhawks‘ top line struggles during these 2010 Stanley Cup Finals. At least up until game 5, when the Hawks’ young stars and big names broke through to help give Chicago it’s most dominating game of the postseason.

But what about the Philadelphia Flyers? Captain Mike Richards, regular season MVP Chris Pronger, and key offensive weapon Jeff Carter were all big shooters all season long. And two of them have had big stretches this postseason. But what’s up with them now?

By Paul M. Banks

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