Is it time for NCAA Player Compensation? (Video)

cecil newton

Many people are up in arms about the NCAA. They say it’s unfair that student athletes are denied a share of the $700 million in tournament revenue they generate. Players also want to retain rights over their likenesses, which are used in video games without compensation. But are players really being mistreated? They get accepted to universities they wouldn’t normally be able to get into. Athletes receive yearly scholarships, while other students sink into debt. USA Today estimates the average player receives an annual $120K in aid and perks.

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VOTE NOW! The Sports Bank Anti-Bracket Ty Cobb Regional Finals

The Ty Cobb Regional featured some stiff competition among losers. Brett Favre, Kurt Rambis, Harvey Updyke, Charlie Sheen and David Kahn highlighted the regional’s biggest failures. Much like the NCAA Tournament, the first two rounds featured some epic upsets and some orgasmic finales that would have made Gus Johnson keel over into a giant puddle of awesome-sauce.

By Peter Christian

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Cam Newton’s Dad not Attending Heisman Ceremony, Releases Statement


Cecil Newton, the father of the most decorated player in the 2010 college football season will NOT be attending the Heisman ceremony in New York City on Saturday.

Cam Newton has full NCAA eligibility, but it was previously thought that he inevitably would not, and that Heisman Saturday would have kind of “grey area” surrounding it. But despite all the turmoil and allegations, here he is with Heisman hopes live and kicking. More than live and kicking, he’ll probably win the award hands down. But his dad won’t be there and here’s why:

By Paul M. Banks

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