Exploring Canton’s Pro Football Hall of Fame

payton hall of fame

It’s that time of year again, and I’m not talking about “going back to school.” All the NFL training camps are open, NFL Betting is heating up, and the NFL preseason kicks off Saturday night in Canton, with the annual Hall of Fame game. The Cincinnati Bengals will take on the Dallas Cowboys at Fawcett Stadium across the street from Pro Football’s Hall of Fame.

I happened to take in the Hall of Fame last week, so I can give you a very fresh account of what’s included in their collection. Therefore, if you happen to be making the trek to Canton (a small town about an hour south of Cleveland) to honor this year’s class -Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice, Dick LeBeau, John Randle, Floyd Little, Rickey Jackson, and Russ Grimm- here’s what you should know about what artifacts they showcase.

By Paul M. Banks

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