2012 NFL Draft – Top Offensive Lineman

Offensive Tackle

1. Matt Kalil, USC (6-6, 306): With great size and strength, Kalil certainly looks like an NFL tackle. There’s nothing about his game that disproves the eye test. Kalil has a [Read more…]

2012 NFL Draft – Top Linebackers

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Super Bowl Locations Should Change College Football

Generic NCAA Logo for College Football

Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014 isn’t going to be as great for media members as pretty much any Super Bowl in the past. It’s likely to be cold, windy and maybe even snowy for kickoff of the NFL title matchup in the New York area – the first time for a legitimate shot at “football weather” for football’s biggest game. So now the NCAA has to wake up and realize conference expansion isn’t the biggest issue with college football.

By Kevin Hunt

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