UNC-Asheville coach blames start time, gets testy with reporter


A #16 seed has never beaten a #1. It’s rare to even see David have a second half lead over Goliath. And the UNC-Asheville Bulldogs did just that, putting the #1 seed Syracuse Orange, and all of America on notice, just for a little while.

The inevitable correction came, and the literal “underdogs” lost 72-65, even though most of America was rooting against Syracuse. UNCA coach Ed Biedenbach was defensive and testy with the media afterward, and it made for some good dialogue.

He blamed the first game running late for the loss, and told a reporter he’d learn what happened from his article.

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Everything you need to know about #1 Michigan State vs. #16 Long Island


These aren’t the most exciting match-ups in the first round of the NCAA Tournament usually. And yes, IT’S A FIRST ROUND, STOP CALLING IT THE SECOND ROUND! YOU’RE TELLING ME, IT’S A “ROUND” MEANING 60/68 TEAMS AUTOMATICALLY GET A BYE. Ok, now that I’m done pointing out NCAA idiocy, I’ll stop yelling.

The Spartans enter the tournament with the #4 RPI and the #1 strength of schedule this year, not to mention the momentum of winning the Big Ten Tournament, so they’ll be tourney tested and tourney ready.

“a lot of people always say Coach Izzo takes off the Big Ten Tournament to get ready for the NCAA Tournament. That’s such a myth,” Draymond Green said.


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Duke’s Seth Curry: not a true second banana


I never thought I’d say this, but a Duke University star, who’s a second generation hoops player with bigtime basketball bloodlines, has actually flown under the radar a bit this season.

Sure, you’ve heard one storyline about Blue Devils junior guard Seth Curry BEATEN to death: that his dad is former Virginia Tech, NBA star, Dell Curry, and his brother is Stephen Curry, starting point guard for the Golden State Warriors. (And I’m really sorry for even bringing this up now)

Seth Curry transferred from Liberty University to Duke after the 08-09 season. Per transfer rules, Curry sat out the 2009–10 basketball season.

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Syracuse hotels offering $1 rooms in honor of Syracuse Orange basketball


Move over William Shatner, I think someone has just beat you when it comes to a travel deal.

In celebration of the Syracuse Orange #1 seed in the NCAA Tournament. Talk about March Madness, this is is the very definition, as the city of Syracuse is offering a variety of $1 deals throughout the city for residents and visitors alike.  There are even $1 hotel stays.

22 local hotels, restaurants & attractions (i.e., museums, spas – even the opera!) have all signed up to offer discounts for The Orange’s run through the NCAA tournament.

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7 Reasons to pick the Duke Blue Devils in the South region

duke blue devils cheerleaders

Every March Madness you see the media create pieces that ask “why do people hate Duke?” (in the years they go far in the NCAA tournament) or “why is everyone happy to see Duke eliminated?” (during the seasons they get bounced early)

The answer is very simple, and it’s the same explanation as to why Mitt Romney just doesn’t have the personality to get elected president: too privileged, too rich, and it makes their astronomical success rather worthy of resentment, not likable.

There, end of story.

Now let’s get to why that doesn’t matter when figuring out how far Duke can go, and why you should pick them (this is college basketball, not a popularity contest)

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Tips, stats for filling out your March Madness Bracket

ncaa tournament brackets

The greatest time of the year for college basketball is here: March Madness.

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Reggie Miller: “Big 10 is the best conference in the nation”


The Big Ten was hands down the best conference in college basketball this year. It’s the strongest the league has been in some time, and all the signs show it: owning the challenge with the ACC, having the most ranked teams, and now the best chance to win the whole thing.

Turner Sports analyst Reggie Miller, a UCLA and Indiana Pacers legend agrees. Here’s what Miller said on conference call yesterday.

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Michigan St bench, depth resembles 2000 National Title Team


In winning their first Big Ten Tournament title since 2000, the Michigan State Spartans did it with depth and role players, kind of like the 2000 National Championship team. Granted this team today doesn’t have four future NBA players (the ’00 team had Jason Richardson, Mateen Cleaves, Andre Hutson and Morris Peterson) so you can only go so far with this analogy…of course Draymond Green looks like a late first rounder, Branden Dawson looked like a 2014 prospect before the ACL injury, and Keith Appling could develop into a pro guy be his senior year.

But the 2000 and 2012 Spartans share both a BTT title and similarly good “glue guys” and role players.

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Cubs and Northwestern: Chicago’s current running sports droughts

How Michigan State grabs the final #1 Seed on Sunday


Forget the first two #1 seeds- those are set to Kentucky and Syracuse. Yes, even with the Orange losing to the Cincinnati Bearcats in the Big East Tournament.

Now that Baylor has upset Kansas in the Big 12 Tournament, a top line slot is now open. If North Carolina should get upset in the ACC Tournament, you could have two spots up for grabs.

Michigan State is probably the best team in the Big Ten; even though Ohio State is the best talent. However, the Spartans have the best match-up with the Buckeyes among the teams left in Indianapolis.

So it’s there’s for the taking.

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Northwestern severely decrease their NCAA Tournament chances by losing in OT


NU dealt themselves a serious blow to their own NCAA Tournament hopes tonight. They were right on the cusp, that “last 4 in” line, but probably not so much anymore. Granted they still need four teams to play their way above them, but Championship week is long and those types of things develop quite quickly.

“Hopefully I won’t be disappointed on Sunday. But I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. We’ll be playing next week, and we like to compete no matter who we’re playing against,” John Shurna said after the game.

Northwestern is a different looking team with JerShon Cobb (but it still wasn’t enough).

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Ohio State Upset in Sweet 16 for Second Straight Year


For the second straight year, the Buckeyes advanced to the Sweet 16, only to be upset by an SEC team. Last year it was Tennessee who knocked them out, this year it was Kentucky, beating the Buckeyes 62-60.

By: Justin Mertes-Mistretta

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