Happy 75th Birthday Bob Uecker!


By: Melissa S. Wollering


In honor of Mr. Baseball turning three-quarters of a century old, it is worth reading (or re-reading) Uecker’s acceptance speech on July 27, 2003.  That was the day Bob was awarded the Ford C. Frick award at the National Baseball Hall of Fame. No one says it like the Ueck.  Here are some excerpts from his speech that day.

I, in deference to Hal McCoy, was asked to quit many times. I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Actually, I was born in Illinois. My mother and father were on an oleo margarine run to Chicago back in 1934, because we couldn’t get colored margarine in Wisconsin. On the way home, my mother was with child. Me. And the pains started, and my dad pulled off into an exit area, and that’s where the event took place. I remember it was a nativity type setting. An exit light shining down. There were three truck drivers there. One guy was carrying butter, one guy had frankfurters, and the other guy was a retired baseball scout who told my folks that I probably had a chance to play somewhere down the line. [Read more…]