Can Blaine Gabbert Beat out David Garrard for Jacksonville Jaguars QB Job?


The Jacksonville Jaguars had been talking about trying to pick up a quarterback in the 2011 NFL Draft, as someone who could backup current quarterback David Garrard, and possibly be developed into a future franchise quarterback. However, most were taken by surprise when the Jaguars traded their 2011 second round pick, as well as the 16th overall pick with the Washington Redskins, in order to obtain the 10th pick overall they needed to ensure they would get their hands on Blaine Gabbert.

Gabbert, a quarterback out of the fast paced, spread Missouri offense, had quickly risen up in terms of draft stock in the weeks leading up to the draft, but do fans and team ownership really plan on there being a quarterback controversy in Jacksonville this year? The short answer is no – barring any significant injury to Garrard, or Garrard’s seriously tanking – he will not be competing for the starting quarterback position in Jacksonville this season.

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