Rift between Joel Quenneville and Stan Bowman? Coach Q to Canadiens?


It’s quite possible Chicago Blackhawks Coach Joel Quenneville may not be back next season, even if he is under contract. Coach Q. and the Montreal Canadiens could be a perfect fit.

One relationship that appears to be anything but perfect is that between Quenneville and GM Stan Bowman. It’s actually rather strained.

Hockey Night in Canada Hotstove regarding the future of Montreal’s vacant head coaching job:

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Blackhawks-Canucks Game 7 Preview

There was time (not more than two weeks ago) when it was dicey whether the Hawks would even have a post season, and now they’re the giving this year’s President’s Trophy winners a run for their money. Could this be the third year in a row the Hawks end the playoff run for the Canucks?

Only three other teams have made a comeback from a 3-0 hole to win a series: Toronto in ’42, Islanders in ’75 and Phillie last year. Could the Blackhawks be the fourth?

By Harrini Krishnan

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NHL Playoff Preview: Blackhawks in for a Canucks Killing?

I am going to be completely honest: I did not see the Blackhawks actually clinching a spot this year. But the Chi-town boys are back in the playoffs, and now that they’re here (despite all the obits being written following the loss to the Red Wings) they are of course the returning Stanley Cup champions.

The first round of playoffs matches them with the Vancouver Canucks, with whom they have an interesting recent rivalry. For the past two years, the Blackhawks have ended it for the Canucks; knocking Vancouver out in six games in the second round both times.

This year, however, things seem to be quite different.

By Harrini Krishnan

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Chicago Blackhawks Still in Contention After OT Loss

With three games remaining, the Hawks barely hang on to 8th in the Western Conference, only two points ahead of 9th place Calgary.

Thirty-seven seconds into OT, Hawks’ Captain, Jonathon Toews, gets called for a tripping penalty on rookie defenseman, Subban, and the Canadiens went on a 4-on-3 advantage. Incidentally, 33 seconds later, Subban scores the game winning power play OT goal to help the Canadiens clinch their playoff spot.

The Hawks may still be in contention but are skating on very thin ice.

By Harrini Krishnan

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Coach Quenneville Returns to the Ice

Coach Quenneville

The man who handed Chicago its dignity in a sterling silver Cup, Joel Quenneville, was rushed to the hospital last Wednesday with a hole in his abdomen.

With the joys of coaching the returning Stanley Cup champions, comes the pains of stress and lack of sleep. Although popping aspirins every morning may seem like the easy way out, it’s definitely not the painless way out.

Quenneville’s use of aspirins had landed him in the emergency room with serious gastrointestinal bleeding brought on by a small peptic ulcer. He was hospitalized till Sunday, forcing him to miss two games, which to ‘Coach Q’ must have been the most painful part.

By Harrini Krishnan

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Chicago Blackhawks’ Nick Leddy Not Ready for Big Leagues?

Rookie defenseman Nick Leddy

This past Sunday, Chicago Blackhawks’ rookie defenseman Nick Leddy, acquired midseason last year from the Minnesota Wild, was sent to Rockford of the AHL: a decision that still has fans scratching their heads.

At nineteen, Leddy was the youngest defenseman to appear in a Blackhawks’ season-opening game since 1999.  Despite his young age and inexperience, Leddy has managed to steadily up his game since his not-so-brilliant debut Thursday night, in the season-opening 4-3 loss to the Avalanche. He had played all six games with one goal and a -1 rating.

It seems apparent that Leddy, although seemingly nervy and inexperienced, was fresh talent for the Blackhawks to take advantage of. Although his skills were raw and at times his judgment was unpolished, as a rookie, his game was on the upswing.

By: Harrini Krishnan

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Coach Quenneville’s house gets Toilet Papered


And you thought Kris Ver Steeg’s attempt at rap was silly and unnecessary (it was) but seriously- Why would someone do this to Coach Q’s house? How could someone TP the Q Stache after all that he just accomplished and why? Are there a lot of Flyer fans living in his neighborhood?

After the ‘hawks won the Cup Wednesday some fans celebrated with a good ole fashioned tp party at coach’s house.

TMZ Sports got these pics of Quenneville on clean-up duty. We’re told all and all he was a good sport.

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BlackHawks’ Goalie Antti Niemi Grows Up


By Paul M. Banks

Heading into game one of the Western Conference Finals, Chicago Blackhawks rookie goaltender Antti Niemi had not faced the opposing San Jose Sharks this season. But after turning back 44 of the 45 shots he faced, Niemi showed that he has all the resolve and experience he needs.

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Q Stache breaks down Blackhawks Game 1 Victory


By Paul M. Banks

The Chicago Blackhawks‘ 2-1 victory over the San Jose Sharks in game one of the Western Conference Finals was huge. Actually it was HUGE!!!! The second city needs to savor this Hawks playoff run as long as possible, because it appears that both the White Sox and Cubs are going absolutely nowhere this season. On the same weekend the Hawks took a 1-0 in their NHL final four series, the Sox and Cubs lost a series to the Kansas City Royals and Pittsburgh Pirates respectively. Those franchises are MLB’s defacto AAA teams. So that’s a bit demoralizing.

But enough negativity- let’s talk about how good the Hawks looked in Silicon Valley on Sunday. And Hawks Coach Joel Quenneville, a.k.a. the Q Stache, is here to articulate the how and why

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