Flashback: 2011 NBA Draft Drinking Game

nash dirk drunk nba draft

Happy NBA Draft day! Time to flashback and republish one of our favorite NBA Draft articles of all time. It’s one that ESPN personality Jay Bilas himself acknowledges on NBA Draft night.

One of my favorite articles to write every year is the annual NCAA Tournament Championship Drinking Game. Here are the three we have done in case you missed them; 2009 Michigan State vs. North Carolina version, last year’s Butler vs. Duke one, and this past season’s Butler vs. UConn Drinking Game.

So why not do one for my favorite night of the year, the NBA Draft.  Even if you do not have a rooting interest in tonight’s draft and have never heard of half the players likely to be picked, invite some friends over, buy a heck of a lot of booze, follow our drinking rules, and you have a memorable night.

(UPDATE: Jay Bilas subtly mentions the NBA Draft drinking game last night on air with the word “wingspan.” Video, via Larry Brown Sports)

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Charlotte Bobcats: 2012-13 NBA Season Preview

bobcats cheerleaders

The Sports Bank will be counting down to the opening tip of the 2012-13 NBA season with team by team previews starting with the worst and working our way to the title contenders.  There is no lockout this time around so let’s get going.

After finishing with the worst winning percentage in NBA history, the Charlotte Bobcats have nowhere to go but up.  Their rise won’t be rapid but owner Michael Jordan made a couple of minor moves that should make the ‘Cats slightly more competitive this season although not likely enough to get them out of the cellar of the Eastern Conference.

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2011 NBA Draft re-do with 2012 hindsight

2011 nba draft

It is an annual tradition here during the NBA All-Star break to re-do the NBA Draft lottery from the previous year.  The Sports Bank’s NBA Draft Nerd, David Kay and Peter Christian will alternate re-drafting the top fourteen picks in the 2011 NBA Draft taking into account what they know about the rookies based off their performances so far this season.  They will factor in how each team’s roster looked at the time of the draft and give their reasons as to why the selection would be made.

Check out The Sports Bank’s 2012 NBA Mock Draft.
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NBA Draft: Where Do The Charlotte Bobcats Go From Here?

Michael Jordan

The Charlotte Bobcats could not have had a worse season. Actually, if winning 7 of 66 games isn’t embarrassing enough, it would be even more embarrassing if the Bobcats didn’t end up getting the #1 pick in the June draft. This team has a lot of improving to do and it starts with cleaning house.

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NBA Draft Lottery was meant to be for the Cavs

Cavs win 1st overall pick in 2011 NBA Draft

It was meant to be; bookends on the most controversial free agency in sports history.

8 years ago, LeBron James was the best available player in an insanely stacked draft class that included James’ now-teammates Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, as well as Carmelo Anthony. While this year’s draft class is nowhere near as valuable, the Cavs, seeking their first number one overall pick since 2003, entered the lottery hoping to reverse the curse that descended on Quicken Loans Arena last July.

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Bismack Biyombo’s NBA Draft Stock is Soaring

bismack biyombo

If you have never heard of Bismack Biyomo, do not feel bad.  Up until about a month ago, neither had I and I research the NBA Draft and its prospects like I was Jonas Salk searching for a vaccine to cure polio.  Allow me to pull you out the dark and introduce you to Biyombo whose 2011 NBA Draft stock is soaring off the charts.

By: David Kay
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