The Five Biggest Stories for Big Ten Basketball Thus Far







The Big Ten is having one of the most memorable basketball seasons we’ve seen in some time. The conference leads the country with five top-25 teams and ranks number one in the RPI/Sagarin ratings.

Along with being regarded as the best conference in the nation, the Big Ten is full of intriguing stories. Here are the top five on the year thus far: [Read more…]

Big Ten Power Rankings 2-4

By Paul M. Banks

1. Michigan State (19-4, 9-1)

As bad as the Kalin Lucas injury looked, it’s not that bad. The green & white nation can all breathe in a collective sigh of relief. However, right when it seemed like State was going to floor it and put everyone back in their rearview mirror, a funny thing happened- a conference race began.

2. Wisconsin (17-5, 7-3)

I admit it, I was a huge heretic; especially after Jon Leuer went down. But they’ve somehow gotten better since then. I will never doubt Bo Ryan again. They could probably beat the 1991 UNLV team if the game was held at the Kohl Center

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Big 10 Power Rankings 1-22

By Paul M. Banks

1. Michigan State (16-3, 6-0)

Who’s the class of the conference yet again? This decade has belonged to the Spartans in basketball, the same manner that the Buckeyes have owned the gridiron.

2. Ohio State (14-5, 4-3)

When you have the league’s best player (that would be Evan Turner NOT Kalin Lucas), back in midseason form, you deserve to grab the #2 slot back.

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