Big East Basketball Power Rankings (2/28/11)

syracuse orange mascot

The college basketball regular season is coming to an end but there is still plenty of jockeying for position in the Big East standings heading into the conference tournament.  And as it stands, 11 teams figure to make the NCAA Tournament.  Here are my updated Big East Power Rankings.

By: David Kay

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Big East Basketball Power Rankings (2/21/11)

st. john's basketball

The Big East remains a crazy, wild, unpredictable basketball conference.  The top three teams all lost this past week and DePaul actually won a league game.  No, seriously.  Here are my updated Big East Power Rankings and be sure to check out my latest bracketology to see how many conference teams I have making the NCAA Tournament.

By: David Kay

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Big East Basketball Power Rankings (1/18/11)

uconn huskies cheerleader

In my most recent bracketology, 11 Big East teams made the NCAA Tournament projections.  It is not a crazy thought right now especially since nine teams are ranked in the AP Top 25.  Of course, once the season plays out and teams start to beat up on each other, a couple of those teams will struggle and take themselves out of the conversation like happens every year.  Here are my updated power rankings with Pitt holding onto the top spot after winning the battle of unbeatens last night versus Syracuse.

By: David Kay
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Big East Basketball Power Rankings (12/26/10)

Kemba Walker UConn
Big East hoops action tips off with a behemoth battle on Big Monday when pre-season conference favorite Pitt hosts one of the surprise teams in the country and their Player of the Year breakout star, Kemba Walker of UConn.  Oh, and so much for this being a down year in the conference as five of the top nine ranked teams in the country call the Big East home.  Here are my Big East college basketball power rankings heading into the start of the season.  Be sure to check back every week for an update.

By: David Kay
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Big East Power Rankings

By: David Kay

1. Syracuse: 15-2, 28-2 (LWR: 1)

In whipping Villanova, Syracuse not only clinched the Big East title and earned the #1 ranking, but established themselves as the team to beat in the NCAA Tournament.  Seriously, first thing you do when you fill out your bracket is put the ‘Cuse in the Final Four.  Before that, a big revenge game at Louisville who beat the Orange earlier this season.

Up Next: at Louisville (Sat)
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Big East Power Rankings

By: David Kay

1. Syracuse: 13-2, 26-2 (LWR: 1)
I love Andy Rautins.  There I said it.  Judge me, I don’t even care.  He honestly deserves to be in All-American consideration.  I am not drunk.  He is the calming force for this ‘Cuse team and does everything on the floor.  By the way, words cannot describe how excited I am for the ‘Nova-‘Cuse game Saturday night.  We’re talking as excited as a 12-year old girl seeing a naked lady for the first time.

Up Next: vs. Villanova (Sat), vs. St. John’s (Tues)

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Big East Power Rankings 2-19

By: David Kay

1. Syracuse: 12-2, 25-2 (LWR: 1)

Kris Jospeh is league.  Best sixth man in college basketball.  He absolutely came up huge in their win against Georgetown.  The loss at home to Louisville is still a bit of a head-scratcher.

Up Next: at Providence (Tues)
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Big East Basketball Power Rankings 2-12-10

By: David Kay

1. Syracuse: 11-1, 24-1 (Last Week Ranking: 2)
‘Cuse has rattled off 11 wins in a row.  While Wesley Johnson gets most the hype as a future NBA’er and possible All-American selection, Andy Rautins is really the most valuable player on this team.  His leadership, three-point shooting, defensive ability, and versatility are key to the Orange’s success.  When he was forced to the bench against UConn because of foul trouble, the Huskies were able to get back into the game.  Rautins is the perfect example of a glue guy.

Up Next: vs. Louisville (Sun), at Georgetown (Thur)
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Big East Basketball Power Rankings 2-5-10

By: David Kay

1. Villanova: 9-0, 20-1 (LWR: 1)
Things get really serious this week for ‘Nova with two monster road games.  The Wildcats have only played one ranked team in their nine conference wins so far, but the final month pits them against five ranked teams, as well as a road game at Cincinnati and hosting a tough UConn team.  If they can finish strong, they are as much a Final Four contender as Kansas and Kentucky.

Up Next: at Georgetown (Sat), at West Virginia (Mon)

2. Syracuse: 9-1, 22-1 (LWR: 2)

Despite picking up a pair of victories, it was a rough week for the Orange.  They trailed by 18 in the first half at DePaul before rallying back.  Then, Wesley Johnson goes down in the Providence game with an fall very similar to the one that fractured two vertebrae in Ohio State’s Evan Turner’s spine.  Johnson is okay though and does not expect to miss anytime for ‘Cuse.

Up Next: at Cincinnati (Sun), vs. UConn (Wed)

3. West Virginia: 7-2, 18-3 (LWR: 3)
The Mountaineers score the first 13 points against Louisville only to escape with a bit of a controversial win after trailing by 11 with six minutes to play.  WVU then hands it to a struggling Pitt team for a fifth straight win.  Monday’s game against ‘Nova is going to be huge.  By the way, is there a fan base under more scrutiny than the Mountaineers’.  First, they got reprimanded by the university for chanting phrases with swear words that could be heard on national TV, then they get a technical foul for the team when a fan throws something on the court.  In the words of my sixth grade reading teacher, “Don’t be sorry.  Be mature.”

Up Next: at St. John’s (Sat), vs. Villanova (Mon), at Pitt (Fri)

4. Georgetown: 6-4, 16-5 (LWR: 4)
With the President and V.P. on hand, Georgetown represented the Big East by smacking around the Dookies.  How do the Hoyas respond?  By laying an egg at home in the second half of an eight-point loss to South Florida.  That has got to be frustrating for JT3.

Up Next: vs. Villanova (Sat), at Providence (Tues)

5. Pitt: 6-4, 16-6 (LWR: 5)
Two weeks ago, we were talking about Pitt as one of the surprise teams in college basketball, now they have dropped four of their last five.  Jamie Dixon’s teams have never been offensive juggernauts due to their ability to get after it on the defensive, but they are second-last in scoring in the Big East (behind DePaul) and haven’t scored more than 66 points in a game during their recent funk.

Up Next: vs. Seton Hall (Sat), vs. Robert Morris (Mon), vs. West Virginia (Fri)

6. Louisville: 5-4, 14-8 (LWR: 6)
After a pair of questionable calls in the final minutes of a loss at West Virginia, Rick Pitino said he has “had it” with officiating.  As I mentioned earlier, the West Virginia fan base came under scrutiny for the profanity they were yelling during this game, but points for creativity when they started chanting “Karen Sypher,” the name of the woman Pitino admitted having an affair with this off-season.

Up Next: vs. Rutgers (Sat), at St. John’s (Thur)

7. Marquette: 5-5, 14-8 (LWR: 10)

The Golden Eagles FINALLY had karma on their side late in a game as Jimmy Butler’s jumper with two seconds left lifted MU past UConn in Storrs.  For a team whose five losses in conference have come by a total of eleven points, that is a huge boost.  Now at .500 in the conference, Marquette has moved themselves into the thick of the NCAA Tournament conversations.

Up Next: at Providence (Sat)

8. Notre Dame: 5-5, 16-7 (LWR: 9)
If the Irish actually had a bench, they would probably be an NCAA Tournament lock.  Since they don’t, ND will continue to live on the bubble.  By the way, Luke Harangody is my least favorite college basketball player of all time.  P.S. Very rarely can lose to Rutgers and actually move up a spot, but that’s the middle of the pack Big East this year.

Up Next: vs. South Florida (Sun), at Seton Hall (Thur)

9. Cincinnati: 5-5, 14-8 (LWR: 8)
I would rather be eaten alive by the smoke monster on Lost than bet on this team.  That is how inconsistent the Bearcats have been in Big East play.

Up Next: vs. Syracuse (Sun)

10. South Florida: 5-5, 15-7 (LWR: 13)
The Bulls are on a roll behind junior shooting guard Dominique Jones who is averaging 35 points per game during USF’s four-game win streak.  Out of nowhere, this team has shockingly crept into talk of making the tourney.

Up Next: at Notre Dame (Sat)

11. UConn: 3-6, 13-9 (LWR: 7)
Jim Calhoun’s health cannot be getting any better as the Huskies are now three game under .500.  They will likely have to reverse their conference record the rest of the way to even have a shot at being a bubble team come Selection Sunday.

Up Next: vs. DePaul (Sat), at Syracuse (Wed)

12. Seton Hall: 3-6, 12-8 (LWR: 11)

The Pirates have proven that they can compete with any team in the conference.  However, they aren’t a good enough defensive team to beat the upper-echelon Big East squads.  It looks like the Hall is heading to the NIT.

Up Next: at Pitt (Sat), vs. Notre Dame (Thur)

13. Providence: 4-6, 12-10 (LWR: 12)
After Marquette on Saturday, the Friars have a run of Georgetown, Villanova, West Virginia, Syracuse.  BRUTAL!

Up Next: vs. Marquette (Sat), vs. Georgetown (Tues)

14. Rutgers: 2-8, 11-11 (LWR: 16)

Just when it looked like the Scarlet Knights were going to pull a DePaul from last year and go winless in conference, they win back-to-back game at home against Notre Dame and St. John’s.  Former McDonald’s All-American guard Mike Rosario scored 57 points in those games.  Get dude the ball!

Up Next: at Louisville (Sat), Caldwell College (Tues)

15. St. John’s: 2-7, 12-9 (LWR: 14)
Losing by 12 at Rutgers is embarrassing.  More embarrassing than trying out for American Idol, thinking you are a good singer, getting ripped apart by Simon Cowell, and then crying or throwing a tantrum.

Up Next: vs. West Virginia (Sat), vs. Louisville (Thurs)

16. DePaul: 1-9, 8-14 (LWR: 15)
The Blue Demons nearly pulled off the shocking upset of Syracuse before letting an 18-point lead slip away.  DePaul is averaging just 60 points per game, almost seven points below the next lowest scoring team.  They almost look like they have no idea what to do on the offensive end if Will Walker isn’t chucking up 25-foot three’s.

Up Next: at UConn (Sat)

Big East Basketball Power Rankings 1-29

By: David Kay

1. Villanova: 8-0, 19-1 (LWR: 1)
‘Nova’s had a fairly soft start to their conference schedule but things will pick up after this week with road trips to Georgetown, West Virginia, Pitt, Syracuse, and Cincinnati still remaining.

Up Next: vs. Seton Hall (Tues)

2. Syracuse: 7-1, 20-1 (LWR: 2)

The Orange quickly erased a 14-0 deficit to Georgetown by out-scoring the Hoyas by 31 the rest of the way.  Their top seven players are averaging at least 8 points per game.

Up Next: at DePaul (Sat), vs. Providence (Tues)

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Big East Basketball Power Rankings

By: David Kay

1. Villanova: 6-0, 17-1 (LWR: 1)
Man, ‘Nova can fill it up.  Their four highly-recruited freshmen have stepped right in and perfectly blended with their veterans as they can go 10, even 11 deep if needed.  For the record, the ‘Cats only play Syracuse once this season, at the Carrier Dome on February 27th.

Up Next: at St. John’s (Sat), vs. Notre Dame (Wed)

2. Syracuse: 5-1, 18-1 (LWR: 2)
Very impressive performance from the ‘Cuse this week winning at West Virginia and at Georgetown within three days of each other.  Andy Rautins deserves more credit than he gets.  He is much more than a sharpshooter from the outside.  His defense has been outstanding and he can also handle the rock as serve as a facilitator.

Up Next: vs. Marquette (Sat), vs. Georgetown (Mon)

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Big East Basketball Power Rankings 1-16-10

By: David Kay

1. Villanova: 4-0, 15-1 (LWR: 1)
They are healthy, at full strength, and Scottie Reynolds is exemplifying what it means to be a leader.  ‘Nova is a Final Four team right now.

Up Next: vs. Georgetown (Sun), at Rutgers (Wed)

2. Syracuse: 3-1, 16-1 (LWR: 2)
After a pair of puff wins against South Florida and Rutgers, the ‘Cuse has a pair of monster road tests in the next three days.

Up Next: at West Virginia (Sat), at Notre Dame (Mon)
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