Bears Promote Mike Tice to Offensive Coordinator

Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears didn’t have to spend too much time nor look very far to find Mike Martz’s replacement. The successor is a former Minnesota Vikings head coach who happens to be on their staff as the current OL coach: Mike Tice.

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Jay Cutler Directs F-Bomb at Mike Martz? (Video)

jay cutler injury

Although Jay Cutler never has said it publicly, we know he must HATE his offensive coordinator Mike Martz; due to his schemes that consistently leave the quarterback a sitting duck with little pass protection. Martz offenses have commonly led the NFL in sacks allowed, and this Chicago Bears team is no different.

The have an OL that screams “run max protect formations” and “please try more running plays.” However, Martz is stubborn, and does whatever he wants, without regard to personnel. This will get Cutler KILLED.

And in this video Jay seems to be expressing that frustration.

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Mike Martz: Not Actually the Bears Savior


Remember when Mike Martz had good reason to be arrogant?

Remember when he was the architect of the “Greatest Show on Turf?” Really, do you?

It wasn’t that long ago. Now, that once highly regarded offensive NFL wunderkind is struggling to show the same prowess as the Offensive Coordinator for the Chicago Bears. In fact, to even call his struggles “struggles” is being very kind (to Martz, not to the word “struggles”).

The last time Mike Martz could even claim to be “Master of his own Domain” was just before kick-off of Super Bowl XXXVI in February of 2002.  Since then, Martz’s offensive mojo has been lacking and his decision making has been regarded as downright putrid.

By Peter Christian

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