2012 MLB Wild card predictions


Getting ready for the Major League Baseball season?  Who are your division winners?  Some seem obvious, like the Detroit Tigers, while other divisions seem to be a complete tossup between two elite teams.  Truly, can anyone decide whether the Los Angeles Angels or Texas Rangers are better?  Now, there are two wild cards so the losers will have plenty to play for. So, which teams will be the wild cards in the 2012 MLB season?

Guest post from Paul Grossinger

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Tampa Bay Rays Game Features Avril Lavigne Concert, F-Bombs!

Canadian hottie and pop star songstress had an “off night” at the Tampa Bays game versus the Cleveland Indians last night. It all began glowingly when she threw out the first pitch before the game; she was all smiles and it was great PR for the MLB demogrpahic.

But then there were acoustic issues and the crowd couldn’t hear the start of her post-game concert.  A technical glitch messed up Avril’s mic A cavalcade of boos reigned down. She responded by by yelling obscenities, which the microphone now picked up loud and clear.

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