2011 NFL Mock Draft 2-2-11



  1. “Even though Detroit looked a lot better than usual this season, they’re still the Lions,and found their way back to the top five draft choices.”

    When did pick 13 become a “top five draft choice”?

  2. good catch. I revise and work off the same initial draft, no pun intended when making this, and there’s bound to be some errors among 5,000 words..got it fixed.


  3. Pats will not take a safety in first round. They are fairly deep there, although Meriweather actually didn’t play as well as Sanders or Chung this year. There are bigger needs on defense!

  4. Like your website…nice scenery. WRT the Niner pick…it’s true Harbaugh will draft a qB, but not in the 1st rd. He’ll acquire a vet to be his immediate starter. My sense is he’ll draft someone like Ponder, who’s familiar with the WCO and a QB he can groom to start in a year or possibly two. It’s also not beyond the realm of possibility he could swing a deal to position himself to grab Luck next year…after all, that’s his QB.

  5. Just curious as to why you have RB listed as one of the Texans draft needs. They will not be drafting a RB in the entire draft. They need: OLB, DE, DT, CB, WR, OL

  6. paulmbanks says

    @Rob that woudl be because I need to update some of the draft possibilities, or team needs as you called them. Hou, Den, Arz it’s been a LONG time since I updated those.

    @Baker I agree with you there are MUCH bigger needs in the def frotn seven, but who woulda predicted mccourty being taken with their 1st pick last year. it worked out, but still unpredictable

  7. paulmbanks says

    @Frank thanks! glad you stopped by. When Luck inexplicably decided to stay, it brought out all kinds of interesting conspiracy theories of those two reuniting together. will be interesting to see how it plays out next year.

    I may make some serious changes to all QBs in the next update, because it appears all the quarterbacks stocks are falling. blain gabbert your #1 signal caller now? possibly sad but true

  8. Haven’t seen him, but from what I’ve read I would LOVE for Tampa to get Miller. I think he will be long gone,however.

  9. @Mike J

    have to agree, Miller has shot way up now since I did this mock

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