New Houston Texans QB1 Case Keenum: who is he?


Case Keenum in, Matt Schaub out as QB1 in Texas.

Clear eyes, full hearts! in the Lone Star State. The Houston Texans have mercifully put Schaub down and elevated Case Keenum. Well, who is he?

Well, an interview guest of TSB in 2009 for one. And he’s already a somewhat known name in Houston, as put up insane numbers there for the University of Houston Cougars.

2011 was a year of shattering records in college football. The Oklahoma Sooners ‘ Ryan Broyles surpassed Vinny Sutherland of Purdue for most career receptions. Robert Griffin III of Baylor broke the all-time career passer rating record. Then Russell Wilson broke RG3’ record again in the Rose Bowl.

Case Keenum passed up Hawaii’s Timmy Chang to become the all-time yardage leader.

Keenum is now the most prolific passer to ever play college football. He has the big three records — career marks for touchdown passes, total yardage and passing yardage — and more notable distinction beyond that. He once went 24 of 27 passing with 9 touchdowns. Yes, NINE TOUCHDOWNS in one game.

His 17,212 career passing yards passed up Chang, as well #3 Graham Harrell of Texas Tech, and #4 Ty Detmer of BYU.

For Case Keenum, it doesn’t bode well for his NFL chances. As you might have noticed, those three previous names all did zilch at the next level. For whatever reason, stat monsters don’t always seem to make it in the pros. Detmer, the first sophomore to ever win the Heisman, was considered too short to be a NFL QB. The other two had bigger issues than that; and were labelled “system quarterbacks.”

In the mean time, does Case Keenum have a case to become a real NFL signal caller? It begins Sunday.

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  1. Look closely at Keenum’s stats and you might change your mind about whether or not he will do well at the next level. He distributes the ball better than any of the other three who he has just passed. He doesn’t have a favorite receiver, he spreads the ball to everybody. Two years ago he didn’t have a receiver in the top ten while throwing for 1500 more yards then the Boise State QB who was second in yardage. Colt McCoy threw almost 70 percent of his passing yardage to one receiver, is small, slower, and not nearly aware of the entire field as Keenum. Colt is in the NFL. I think that the scouts see what Keenum does and I think he will be an NFL QB, and a good one.

  2. I’d like to see it. hopefully he breaks the pattern

  3. The few teams they played that played and were simply beat by “someone,” were crushed by U of H. I hope he breaks the precedence as well.


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