Green Bay Packer players really resemble their wives (video)


a.j. hawk

Here’s a St. Valentine’s day story for you. According to a new online dating service and NBC 26 Green Bay, many Green Bay Packer players show a very strong resemblance to their spouses. is a new service that uses facial recognition technology to match couples based on how similar the facial layout. And the Packer players fit the bill.

Sounds nuts, but watch the NBC 26 segment after the jump, and see for yourself. Maybe this is why they’ve won a Super Bowl and earned a #1 seed in the past three years

Head coach Mike McCarthy and his wife pass the test. As does A.J. Hawk and his wife Laura (the sister of Brady Quinn); which makes sense because I’ve always said that Laura Quinn Hawk is a “very attractive man.”

To me, the most interesting part of this is seeing what your “facemate” looks like. I’ve always wondered what the female version of me would look like. I’m hoping she’s a 9/10, or “a #2 seed in the NCAA Tournament of sexiness” to put it in my terminology. Guys have told me that my sisters are hot, and as disturbing as that is to hear, it probably bodes well for judging my physical appearance.

And getting a chance to look in the mirror might be reason enough to join the free service. After all, everyone is just catfishing on those things anyway.

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