For Denver Broncos, Tim Tebow’s Future is at Fullback


Tim Tebow

Tim Tebow can be an NFL Star, but the Denver Broncos need to realize that his best chance for stardom beyond his faith or luck is to convert him to another position before free agency begins.  Regardless of what side of fandom you fall on regarding one of the NFL’s most popular players, no one can question Tim Tebow’s heart, passion and desire to be a team player.

Is that enough to get the Broncos to the Super Bowl?  To build an entire offense and defense around one man with questionable ability to survive as an NFL quarterback?

In deciding what to do with Tim Tebow, the Denver Broncos almost face a more interesting quarterback dilemma than the Indianapolis Colts face in deciding whether or not to release Peyton Manning.

Without argument, no one can question Tebow’s desire to be a team player, and to give his heart and soul to win.  After all, he played through rib, lung and chest injuries while being crushed by the New England Patriots 45-10 in the AFC divisional playoffs last weekend.

Broncos boss John Elway already said that Tebow is the starting QB entering training camp next summer.  But at this point, is there really any other choice?  While Elway also said he’d work with his young quarterback in the off-season, what if he decides improvement isn’t possible?

What would be his options for a player whose immense popularity doesn’t match up with his ability at this point in his career?
Sure Tebow went 8-5 as the Broncos starter after taking over for Kyle Orton. But as we saw in New England, when facing the league’s elite, Tebow mania failed to run wild.

Well actually, he still did run.

Which brings me to my point:  Tim Tebow should be a fullback.

I’m anticipating the comments of hatred as I type this and the stat geeks who will point to his averaging 31.6 yards per completion, the best in the NFL in 40 years, shredding Pittsburgh’s No. 1 ranked (and injury decimated) defense.  But I believe, while moving Tebow to fullback may shorten his NFL career, it could make it an even more special one when all is said and done.

In less than a full season as a starter, Tebow ran for 660 yards, most by a quarterback in team history.  He also rushed for six touchdowns.  His bruising style would compliment a speedy running back nicely, while opening up all sorts of offensive possibilities for the Broncos if they complimented him with a quarterback suited for pocket passing.
Tebow could do what he does best, run.  Or take the hand-off, get a lateral pass and pass the ball himself to receivers.  He could line up in the slot or at QB.  The possibilities would be endless as his true skills match the part.  As a quarterback, he’s best suited for fantasy.

Soxman is a senior contributor for the and local sports journalist appearing frequently on t.v. and radio in the Chicagoland area.  You can follow him on Twitter @thesoxman72.


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  1. After reading his book “Through My Eyes” he states emphatically that his only desire since Pop Warner football and even before was to play QB in the NFL. He has spent most of his life even very young life lifting weights, pushing cars uphill, etc., to get his body in shape for QB. Now they are saying he is “too pumped” to play QB – are you supposed to be a skinny wimp in or to be a QB? When you look at his record in Pop Warner, High School and College – almost no one has ever had such success – he is the only sophmore in college football history to win a Heisman !!! If his coaches are too stupid to teach him what they want him to do then it is their fault and not his. They made his play another position in high school because he was so big and strong and he was miserable – he wants to be an NFL QB. His passing game in college was excellent – if the offensive linemen would protect him long enough to get off a pass while in the pocket – all his passes would hit the spot !!! If he could have traded his offensive line for Brady’s then they would have won and Brady would be hurting with bruised ribs, chest trauma and torn thoracic cartilage. He is one of the greatest examples of a humble person who loves his fellow man and is not a shamed to exalt JESUS CHRIST as his Savious even when his team loses. If my children were still young, he would be the person to have them look up to rather than the players who use horrible language, spend their evenings in a strip club with naked women and date hookers on the side. I wish Tim the best and his family – they are all gracious, wonderful people !!!

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