Favre’s arrogance trumps his production


Brett Favre

By Jake McCormick

Although no one could confirm it, rumors continued to swirl as the writing on the wall became much easier to read over the past couple of months. People wouldn’t leave it alone and let things play out, but I guess that’s the nature of drama. Yes, Jon and Kate are getting a divorce, ending months of “will they or won’t they?” questions. Now who does that sound like?

It was almost a guarantee that the reality show couple would separate when Jon started melting wires with his stare of death during the confessionals. That point came for Brett Favre and his Minnesota Vikings affair when he sat down with Joe Buck and essentially said, in the words of the Notorious B.I.G., “I’m just playin’, but I’m sayin’.”

Aaron RodgersFirst off, I’ve been a Green Bay Packer fan my whole life, and it was very strange to see a double digit number line up under center for the first time in 16 years. If Favre would’ve played for the Vikings last year, I would’ve been legitimately concerned given the results of the previous season. But as a New York Jet, Favre returned to the form more consistent with the past nine years of his professional career, whereas Aaron Rodgers handled the transition better than anyone could ask of him. The question marks about Rodgers have almost all been answered, and the rest will come with time. Combined with Favre’s increasingly visible shortcomings, Rodgers’ progression makes it easy to feel confident in the Packers’ future without Favre.

Now Favre will eventually be the starting quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings and you know what? I, along with most of Packer Nation, do not care. As evidence, I cite the FSWisconsin “Text the Booth” question during the Milwaukee Brewers game last Tuesday against the Minnesota Twins. In response to the question, “Do you care if Brett Favre plays in 2009?,” 14 percent said yes, 56 percent said no, and 31 percent said only if he plays for the Vikings. Ok, so that’s not a completely official poll, but the results are still surprising, yet normal for a player defecting to a rival. Thanks to his selfishness, disloyalty, and good ol’ boy facade that holds as much water as a sieve, Favre has worn out his welcome in Wisconsin. His “16 years will speak for themselves” when he realizes that teams are not interchangeable to a fan base, and especially one that fills bleachers to watch practice in the middle of July.

Most athletes in the age of free agency don’t understand the concept of heated rivalries because money talks louder than fans do. Favre believes that his resume is so impressive, despite his decline in numbers and playoff wins after 2000, that he doesn’t have to think about how his actions affect anyone around him. The Vikings aren’t benefiting in any way from Favre’s waffling, just as the Packers and Jets were negatively affected at some point. By carrying on his circus act year after year, Favre looks more like an angry senior citizen unable to grasp the fact that he isn’t what he used to be.

Of course, the Worldwide Leader in Sports only feeds into Favre’s hunger for attention. I think ESPN tries to make upCSI for the fact that they don’t much care to cover small market or Midwest teams by sending the CSI team down to Mississippi to swab every seedy motel within a five mile radius of the Favre compound. Favre is and always will be a unique player in a league that is increasingly based on strict adherence to a game plan. Well so was Jerry Rice, and there wasn’t nearly as much coverage following him around in his final years in the NFL. But since he carried himself with class and led by example, Rice wasn’t as headline dominant as loudmouth counterparts Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco. At least they have the courage to say what they’re thinking, something Favre feels he’s above because that would involve spoiling the ending to a movie that his teammates shouldn’t have to sit through.

Brett FavreIn the end, Favre can do what he wants, but needs to understand the ramifications behind playing for a hated rival, regardless of why he wants to play. His relationship with the Packers and their fans will never be as fluffy and happy as it once was. If someone cheats on their spouse, they shouldn’t expect a quick forgiveness, if it even comes at all. Hopefully he enjoys his year in Minnesota, because it sure would be a shame to think that he could fail miserably while reuniting Packer fans under Ted Thompson.

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  1. paulmbanks says

    I sort of feel like Aaron Rodgers has been so overlooked in all of this, even though he had such a great season last year, with a high QB rating. I’ve grown to like him….because I hate Favre so much. and ESPN more than eevr..Rachel Nichols sucks too

  2. I don’t have a huge connection to the team, but have really grown to like Rodgers. He is going up hill.. Favre’s been long heading down.. What an obnoxious, annoying piece of dramatic sh!t. (Too much? Sorry…) :)

  3. David K. says

    BRETT FAVRE IS A SAINT!!!! (said like Vince Vaughn in Anchorman about his mother, Dorothy)

  4. paulmbanks says

    LOL! Amanda, nice one…Favre is such a diva and attention whore these days…he didn’t use to be this way

  5. jmccormick says

    Personally, I think he started failing after he got sober. No junk, no soul.

  6. Andy Weise says

    I’ve always thought the national attention by ESPN and other media outlets on Favre is a bit ridic. But…… Favre was 8-3 with the Jets last year before his injury. I didn’t want him unless he had surgery and now that he has in fact had surgery, I’m all about letting him quarterback the Vikings. The Vikings are in position to win now. They have a defense that has been the best run defense for what, the past three years? They made a big play for TJ Houshmanzadeh who they could have used but didn’t really need. The Vikings are pro-active and I can appreciate that after seeing how the Twins and Wild work in MN. I laugh at the Wisconsin folk that suggest Favre cannot play at a high level or will be anything different than he’s been his entire career. He will be playing with the best running back he’s ever played with and will get plenty of one-on-one coverage. I like him fitting with this team assuming he is healthy.

  7. Charley Davis says

    Who are these puny, insignificant quarterbacks who speak of?

  8. At some point, the selfish play will show. You can’t teach old dogs new tricks. As good of a fit as the Vikings and Favre are, his motives for returning are pretty questionable, so that should be an interesting storyline once he realizes there are 14 other games in a season against non-Green Bay teams.

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