Detroit Lions: An Offensive Juggernaut


Through a quarter of the NFL season Shaun Hill has a higher passer rating than Brett Favre.

That statement pretty much sums up how everything is turned upside down in the league this year. The Detroit Lions are very fortunate at this set of circumstances because many of the fringe quarterbacks chose to play in the UFL and their ownership will not release the top performers to the NFL until they complete their schedules.

Daunte Culpepper, Jeff Garcia, and Tim Rattay are not just a phone call away for a needy general manager. Otherwise, one or more of the aforementioned players would already probably be on the Buffalo Bills roster. The Lions had scored the most points of any team in the NFC at the conclusion of their game against the Rams.

By Patrick Herbert

Jahvid Best is on pace for a thousand yard season and has already reached the end zone four times. Calvin Johnson is a Pro Bowl caliber performer at wide receiver. He already has nearly three hundred yards and four touchdowns. It should really be five, but I digress. Brandon Pettigrew and Tony Sheffler are also viable options for Hill. The return of Matthew Stafford is imminent for the team, but the squad is in capable hands if he is delayed longer than expected.

According to, the team hasn’t even punted more than their opponents thus far. When has that been the case recently with this franchise? Especially through a quarter of the season? In past years, the punter should have petitioned for hazard pay due to the number of punts that he kicked compared to that of the team’s opponents. Nick Harris is competing with a respectable average of nearly forty-four yards.

All of this blog has previously been the positive aspects of the Lions season to this juncture. There are definitely some areas of concern on the other end of the spectrum though. They only have one victory even though much of the team’s statistics are comparable with their opponents. This simply indicates their lack of success in the past; this inexperience has hurt them in the end of games during crunch time. Also, the defensive line has allowed nearly five yards per rush through the first four games. Controlling the line of scrimmage is a must for any long-term success in the NFL-or any high quality league for that matter.

Kevin Smith must emerge as a viable second option to Jahvid Best. It is noticeable how much the loss of Chester Taylor has hurt the Vikings so far. Teams need to utilize a two headed monster in the backfield. It helps to keep defensive fronts on their heels while they attempt to adjust to different running styles and skill sets. It also allows the running backs to be more effective if they are not carrying the ball thirty times a game. They can come into the formation with adequate rest and an optimum energy level. The Lions are improving slowly but surely. Now it’s time for it to transfer to wins.

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