Cardinals RB Chris Johnson’s life was saved by fluke timing


chris johnson

Arizona Cardinals running back Chris Johnson signed a contract extension with $30 million guaranteed in 2011 when he was with the Tennessee Titans. Whether you have 30 million dollars or 30 cents, it doesn’t matter one iota when a gun is fired directly at you. You have to read this frightening tale of how the smallest details in life and their coincidental timing can be a matter of life and death.

FOX’s Jay Glazer provides a harrowing detail regarding Arizona Cardinals running back Chris Johnson ’s shooting incident from the offseason:

“It’s amazing that Chris is starting today and more amazing that Chris Johnson is alive today. By now a lot of you know that he was shot in the shoulder this offseason and that his friend was shot and killed. But a lot of you don’t know though that the bullet that killed his friend was headed toward Chris and he got a text message and leaned forward to look at that text message. When he did that, that’s when that bullet passed by him and unfortunately took his friend.”

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