Jay Cutler birthday photo with Kristin Cavallari making the rounds



I guess today was…happy birthday Jay Cutler! And there’s a picture of Jay Cutler with his fiance Kristen Cavallari that’s making the internet rounds today. It was first published by who else, Deadspin, they break everything nowadays. And now it’s all over Twitter.

I know you don’t care. Or should I say it like Jay Cutler you DONNNNNNN’T CARRRRRRRREEEEE.

Actually you should; and you will.

Jay went ’80s style with a mullet, zubaz, and a cig. Or maybe we’re lucky and it’s a joint. Jay smoking a J; it’s hard to tell from the picture. Probably not though; likely just nicotine.


Pretty awesome, eh? not only the Jay Cutler pic, but Kristin Cavallari actually looks really hot for once. In this picture she looks like a real woman with real curves for the first time since….well, ever.

Happy birthday Jay Cutler!


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