The Selfishness of Miami’s Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh

As pumped about Game 1 as I was, I was more excited for Game 2. I was happy that the Oklahoma City Thunder won Game 1 and had a chance to take a commanding 2-0 lead down to Miami for Game 3. Well, my excitement last all of three minutes. Before I knew it, Oklahoma City was down 16-2, then 18-2, then 25-8! At the end of the first quarter, the Thunder was down 27-15. We all know how the game played-out after that. Kevin Durant brought OKC back in the fourth quarter, but LeBron James sealed the envelope and sent it on its way to Miami for Game 3 with the series tied 1-1. I don’t want to talk about the game as much as I do the players of the Miami Heat, specifically the Big 3. No, I am not going to “attack” LeBron because this doesn’t really concern him and hey, he finally played well! Whom this does concern is Chris Bosh. I don’t know how many people watch the game as closely as I do, so I am going to put this question out there: Is Chris Bosh a good teammate?

Sorry, I am just asking. If you recall, Shane Battier played pretty well last night didn’t he? He scored 17 points and nailed five three-pointers, even banking one in as the shot-clock buzzer was about to sound, giving Miami a seven-point lead at the time. But a midst the small production that Miami’s role players gave the Big 3, it seemed to me that Bosh wasn’t satisfied with any role player’s effort, offensively or defensively. I managed to find evidence of Bosh yelling at Mario Chalmers as they were heading to the benches before a timeout (thanks to migwke1 for this footage). Click here to watch it.

Obviously Bosh was mad about something and decided to call Chalmers out on it. Chalmers didn’t want to hear it and tried to shrug it off. Bosh kept going until Chalmers sat down on the bench. This is coming from a guy, who was out for a month with an abdominal strain and since he has come back, all he wants to do is stand outside the three-point line and pretend to be Ray Allen. Give me a break, but kudos to playing well last night. The only person who didn’t drive by you was Dirk Nowitzki, oh wait, Dirk drove by you for a game-winning layup in Game 2 last year. Chalmers is always getting bitched at by Bosh, Dwyane Wade, or LeBron James. I don’t think it’s fair to yell at Chalmers. If you are going to yell at anyone, yell at Mike Miller. He is only the player I know who can get injured from walking to the scorer’s table.

I have also noticed, and this included the entirety of the Big 3, that when one of their role players does something well, they don’t give them a high-five or pat on the back. But when one of the Big 3 does something well, those same role players give them a high-five or pat on the back. So how does that work? Battier didn’t get as many high-fives from the Big 3, at least on camera, as James did for making a free-throw. I will say this though; Wade deserves a high-five after his performance last night because that was his first good game since the Indiana series.

I just don’t understand why the Big 3 treat each teammate, not associated with the Big 3, differently. That’s not how a team is supposed to act. I see Kevin Durant giving high-fives all around when one of his teammates does something well.

Maybe it’s just me though? Maybe I am too picky about what I see?

But I know that selfishness doesn’t get three players a championship.

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