Ron Artest’s First Game as Metta World Peace: Lakers Fans React



L.A. Lakers fans have plenty to worry about: their franchise Kobe Bryant has ligament strains that make him questionable at best for the opening Christmas Day game versus the Chicago Bulls. And off the court he’s getting taken to the cleaners financially in his divorce. Then there’s the Clippers, who are actually becoming a rival in Tinsel Town. Actually, expectations might be higher for the Clips than LAL.

And then there’s Ron Artest who officially became Metta World Peace last night. And the results weren’t pretty. To see such a marquee, expensive player struggling like this. Well both Ron Artest and Metta World Peace were trending on Twitter last night.

Here’s some of the best and most interesting reactions from Twitter that tell the story.

mmckoy Mike McKoy  ?Verified

Metta World Peace needs to change his name back to Ron Artest because Metta World Peace CANT shoot

aangeluhh Angela

I would say I want world peace for Xmas but people might think I mean Ron Artest.

JohnPaulPGarcia John Paul Garcia

Is it just me or do people get tripped out seeing Ron artest‘s name in box scores as Meta World Peace?

exavierpope Exavier Pope

Calling the guy formerly known as Ron Artest “World Peace” as game is going on by announcers is hilarious & at the same time distracting.

LivingLegendO_o Trey Zorns

Ron Artest is the Chad Ochocinco of the NBA….

jay_spurlock Jay Spurlock

<Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace lol 0-17 shooting lol #cuthisass

ESPNChrisPalmer chris palmer

Metta World Peace is 1-14 in the last 6 quarters.

GotABlueDream Breitner

So Ron Artest can run in the stands and start a Riot, But his name Metta World Peace?? Whattttttt Lol

KiddMe2 Michelle Anne

Didn’t know that.– Metta = “Must Have” in Buddhist. Therefore, “Must Have World Peace” = Metta World Peace

benmaller Ben Maller

What does it say about our society that everyone in Staples Center laughs when the PA announcer says Metta World Peace?

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