Will the Bulls Draft a Backup Point Guard?



By Paul M. Banks

If there’s one position the Chicago Bulls don’t have a pressing need at, it’s point guard. The incumbent starter, Derrick Rose is the only player on the roster even remotely close to developing into a franchise player, and (SAT scandals and gang sign gestures aside) is the guy to build the team around. But the Bulls might see backup Kirk Hinrich move on soon and in today’s NBA, the “Golden Age of Point Guards” that we currently live in, it’s good to have two reliable point guards.

As former UCLA point guard and current draft prospect Darren Collison said at the NBA Draft Combine: “This is the draft you want to be in right now if you’re a point guard. Everyone’s getting so much credit, from Jonny Flynn, to me, to Eric Maynor right on down the list because everyone knows they need point guards to win ballgames, to take that next step. And teams need a first string and a second string the whole game to be solid, and all the point guards in this draft have the potential to do that.”

For teams currently needing a point guard, this crop of prospects is deeper than any draft this decade, possibly all-time. It could produce a couple players with the same impact as current young NBA floor generals Rose, Chris Paul and Deron Williams.

On Tuesday, the Bulls looked at (among others) Maynor, Wake Forest’s Jeff Teague, Greece’s Nick Calathes, St. Joseph’s Tasheed Carr, the 5’6” David Holston from Chicago State and Bryan Mullins from Southern Illinois via Downers Grove High School.

UCLA’s second, and more hyped point guard prospect, Jrue Holiday has also met with the team and expressed a strong interest to join the team at combine media day. However, he should be long picked by the time the Bulls are on the board.


Syracuse’s Jonny Flynn, one of the hottest point guard prospects around, figures to likely be gone by the time the Bulls pick at #16 on June 25th, and long gone when the Bulls pick again at #26. However, he worked out for the Bulls, met with the front office and was extremely vocal about his desire to play for the Bulls at the NBA Draft Combine. Flynn told the media how much he enjoys the Bulls up-tempo system and their young nucleus. He also described his game:

“I think I have some characteristics of Chris Paul. His tenacity, he’s hard as nails, fiery, fires his teammates up, he really knows how to get his teammates in position to where they can score, where they don’t have to do much to score. Look at David West and Tyson Chandler; where would they be without Chris Paul?”

As much as the Bulls need a scoring big, as much as point guard is the team’s strongest position, they have needs at guard- especially someone to be a backup running the point and/or provide scoring at the off guard position given the (increasingly likely) case that Ben Gordon departs.

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  1. paulmbanks says

    I still think they’ll draft someone to play the four, or the three- but it’s interesting that Flynn and Holiday have developed such a relationship with them this pre-draft season.

  2. David K. says

    NO WAY they draft a one unless they trade Hinrich… They need a physical bog and a shooting guard in case Gordon leaves via fre agency…

  3. Interesting…. there are definitely some PGs with a lot of potential in the draft, but I just can’t see the Bulls putting aside their other needs to pick a back-up to Rose (especially if the rest of their backcourt remains with the team, since Hinrich has been considered a starting-caliber PG and he’s coming off the bench for them). Getting a big man seems like the way to go.

  4. Peter Christian says

    Who would the Bulls rather have? D. Blair or G. Henderson?

  5. paulmbanks says

    The idea of it struck me as kind of crazy at first..since it’s anything but a need, but I could see it happening. I’d much rather it not, and they finally get a big man who could score! hey if the Bears finally got a real qb. I dont think Blair is the answer though. I thik he’ll be an avg. rebounder and a mediocre at best scoring threat. Henderson makes more sense, especialy if Gordon bolts

  6. Blair for sure… we saw in the Celtics series how Davis and Perkins muscled Noah/Miller/Thomas around… a bruiser like Blair is the ideal pick… Don’t forget, even if the Bulls don’t re-sign Gordon, they still have Salmons or Hinrich to plau alongside D-Rose in the backcourt… plus, there will a few decent prospects (Budinger, Ellington, Young) who will be available at 26 where there won’t be a real bruiser… Blair at 16, Ellington at 26 has to be the ideal get on draft day for the Bulls…

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