Minnesota Timberwolves sing Britney Spears (video)



Remember Britney Spears‘ breakthrough hit from the spring of ’99 “Hit me baby one more time?” Of course you do, it was the music video that reintroduced an entire generation of men to the schoolgirl fetish/Lolita complex. The strip club industry should be thankful that the song was so big during an era in which MTV still played music; cuz the song/theme has been a nudey bar staple ever since.

And now the song gets worked by the Minnesota Timberwolves karaoke style.

A few quick notes before you watch the NBA players “fun bad” video.

Michael Beasley is by far the worst singer/dancer, he’s just not on the same page with this song.

Anthony Tolliver is getting into it, he’s got the groove. T’Wolves superstar Kevin Love is trying I guess, kind of like Martell Webster, they have potential…I guess.

Highlight: Ricky Rubio (that name should be on album cover/headlining a concert) in his Spanish accent: “I’ve heard this song before, but I don’t know it.”

And after you’re done watching it, check out “The Kevin Love Boat.”

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