Kobe Bryant is Reportedly Cleared For All Basketball Activities


Kobe Bryant

Big news for Los Angeles Lakers fans. Great news for any NBA fans, too. One of the most legendary players to ever pass from the courts of the NBA, superstar Kobe Bryant, is reportedly now cleared to participate in any basketball activities. The Mamba has been sidelined since April 12, 2013 due to a torn Achilles injury, one of the big nightmare-injuries of professional athletes.

What this clearance from the medical staff now means is that Kobe’s comeback maybe weeks if not days ahead. There is still no indication about which game he will choose to dress up. However, this might come early December.

Of course, Kobe is not expected to rush himself in a game. First of all, he will need to fully participate in team practices, see how his leg feels and then, in assistance with the training and medical staff of the Lakers, decide when the time is right for his comeback. However, the clearance he now got means he has the green light to push his body as far as he feels comfortable to.

Kobe has already been participating in some team workouts. In fact, lots of his teammates have been surprised by his poise and the effort he has been putting in. Once again confirming he is a true fighter, Kobe has already surprised all NBA fans with his ability to shatter the timetable of his return. As he used an innovative method to treat his injury, he was able achieve a much shorter rehabilitation time from the usual timetable. In an effort to make the most out his down-time and also in order to come back even more dominant than the previous season, Kobe also took a trip to Germany during the summer to receive a platelet-rich plasma therapy. This operation is the same as the one he had two years ago, which allowed him to return and be even more aggressive and efficient for the Lakers.

The Los Angeles Lakers are starting a three-game road trip on Tuesday, November 26, with a game against the Wizards in Washington. The team is not expected to practice much during those four days, so it could be a good opportunity for Kobe to get his final rest before suiting up for one of the next games of the Lakers, as December starts.

Up to this point, the Los Angeles Lakers have sustained a solid level of performance going 5-7 in the 2013-2014. Despite Kobe’s absence, the recent injury of Steve Nash and also a struggling Pau Gasol, the supporting cast has responded well to the urgency call, giving the Lakers the chance to achieve significant wins.

With Kobe back, the Lakers will see a drastic upgrade in their offensive firepower and they will have all what it takes to chase a playoff spot this season. Of course, Kobe might not be at his 100 percent during the first weeks after his comes back. However, the momentum boost he will provide to the team might be enough for LA to move forward successfully.

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