ESPN to Air LeBron Announcement Show


LeBron James

I am not sure if it’s genius, egotistical, ridiculous, or the perfect ending to what has been months upon months of speculation as to where LeBron James will land.  Regardless, the King is expected to make his announcement Thursday night in an hour-long special on ESPN at 8:00 EST.  (Somewhere Brett Favre is kicking his agent for not coming up with this idea each of the last six off-seasons.)

By: David Kay

“The LeBron Show” could realistically become the highest rated sixty minutes ever in cable television history.  Coincidentally enough, that honor belongs to Favre.  The Vikings versus Packers Monday Night Football game on ESPN this past October became the most watched cable program ever as 21.8 million tuned in to see Favre rumble against his former team for the first time.

LeBron Wade BoshSo who will win the LeBron lottery Thursday night?  The answer is apparently still up in the air as there will reportedly be a conference call sometime Wednesday between James, Dwyane Wade, and Chris Bosh to finally figure out where everybody will be calling home.

LeBron has to be staying with the Cavs though.  There is no way he would go on ESPN with the entire sports world watching and pick the Knicks, Bulls, Nets, or Heat, right?  (Yes, I purposely left the Clippers off that list.)  That would be the ultimate “F-U” to his home state and drive the dagger into the hearts of Clevelandians.  The Clevelandish?  Clevelandicans?  Whatever it may be, more televisions would be shattered that night in Ohio than any time Doris Burke has ever been shown in HD.

Here are the real questions.  Are they going to have the hat of every team that he is considering like a college football signing day press conference?  Will the team he is choosing know beforehand?  If not, can we please get live satellite feeds from each team’s “LeBron war room” to see the winners fondle each other afterward while the losers cry like Ron Burgundy after the man punted Baxter?  Will Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh be there?  Will they know LeBron’s decision?  How long will we have to wait to hear their decisions?  Can Stuart Scott please not be involved in the broadcast?

Also, how funny would it be if someone broke the story before “The LeBron Show” hit the airwaves?  I mean, tons of people would still tune in to hear the King’s reasoning and to make sure the report was actually accurate, but wouldn’t that journalist have tons of street cred on the mean media streets?

So many questions… So many what if’s… But it appears we now know when the most important question of them all will finally be answered.

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