Brooklyn Nets are a Wounded Animal, Time For Milwaukee Bucks to Pounce



It is amazing what one major injury can do to an entire team. Given how strong the Brooklyn Nets have looked most of this season, it is quite surprising to see them with a real chance of being eliminated now. Despite a squad that is more star-studded than a gamer’s dream, it is actually the Milwaukee Bucks who are currently in the driver’s seat.

The series stands at two games apiece right now, with injuries to important players having made it a more even matchup. The Nets are so strong and deep that despite James Harden getting injured, they continued playing at a high level. But after Kyrie Irving went down, they now seem like an entirely different outfit.


And this has helped propel the Bucks back into NBA Finals contention after they had looked down and out. Their win in game three was easily the most important result of the series so far. Restricting the Nets to just 83 points was a credit to their defense and a commitment to that end of the floor. Even in the final seconds they were still always hustling and harrying to prevent shots from being taken.

This game was memorable for another specific reason, Khris Middleton. Playing second fiddle to Giannis Antetokounmpo, the forward has not always produced the goods. But seeing him drop 35 against this Nets team will give the Bucks fans a lot of encouragement.

This takes the pressure off the Greek Freak, and he can play his natural game. As we head into games five and six, Middleton has a chance to make himself a true Milwaukee legend.

khris middleton nba draft

If he and Giannis have good games, it is tough to see the Nets coming back from that. The absence of Kyrie and Harden have increased the pressure on Kevin Durant. There will be comparisons between his situation and LeBron James finals years with the Cleveland Cavaliers. But that would be unfair to the Nets No. 7, who has lost the two pillars that support him.

It will be a cruel end to the season if the Nets were to lose this series. The Bucks have been handed an advantage that they wouldn’t have been counting on. As the action now moves to Brooklyn, Giannis and co. have a chance to stake their claim to the Eastern Conference championship. Overcoming the Nets will give them the confidence that they can win it all.

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